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    Some pointers needed on how to use DSDT

    Yeah, and since I am a sucker for punishment, I will now try my hands on Mojave!
  2. Deep_Thought

    Some pointers needed on how to use DSDT

    Goddamn, I screwed up my config.plist first. After cleaning it up and shuffling around with the kexts, everything works all of a sudden. No idea why. Looks like I really was too stupid in the first place.
  3. Deep_Thought

    Some pointers needed on how to use DSDT

    Uh... I'm too stupid for this, I guess. I use Clover Configurator, mount the EFI partition and load the config.plist. Then I go to the devices tab and in the Audio section there is a drop-down which offers me a blank space, the option "no" and the option "detect". What should I use there? Oh and BTW, the installation guide I used to install High Sierra was actually yours! :-)
  4. I installed High Sierrra but can't get audio to work. The installation guide said something about using DSDT to make audio working. Are there some tutorials or postings on how to edit a DSDT?
  5. No worries! As far as I can tell from the short time I am testing Sierra right now, everything runs smoothly. No freezing, no hickups, no unexpected behavior... Man, now that I have a working UEFI install I might even get File Vault to work, yay! If something goes wrong I might come back to this thread and cry a bit more, but right now it's all smooth sailing.
  6. Man, you are a lifesaver! With your first EFI folder I managed to run Sierra, but it was very bumpy. The mouse froze every few seconds for one or two seconds and the system was basically unusable. But with the last EFI folder everything is running smoothly now. I cannot thank you enough. You rock! The only minor drawback is that I have to init the iGPU first, but I can live with that. It never occured to me that the R9 290X was the culprit. It did not run very well in Mavericks and ran OOB flawlessly in Yosemite. Now it is acting up again in Sierra... Regardless, it is running now, so thank you very much!
  7. Yeah, I could boot into Sierra! What exactly did you change in the config.plist?
  8. That would be the one on the USB drive since I never got to the point where I install Clover on the SSD. Here you go: EFI.zip
  9. Errm, which one? There is one EFI partition on the installer USB and one on the macOS SSD. I cannot access the latter without OS X running first.
  10. Argh, no luck with cyberdevs's method. I got exactly the same error screen as the one I posted already. Well, with the exception of the changed date, of course, but everything else is exactly the same.
  11. Yes, I did, and I will try that first, of course. :-)
  12. Alright, I am going to go with a GA-Z97P-D3 mainboard. It is a simple Z97 board without unnecessary gimmicks and it is one of the few LGA1150 boards that are sold new. Fingers crossed for a painless installation. :-)
  13. Thanks for your input so far, guys! I really, really don't want to buy a Skylake platform. I'd had to buy a new mainboard, CPU and RAM which would cost me well over the 500€. If I stay with my Haswell setup I just buy a new mainboard for something around 100€ and I'm done. Also, I use a Windows 7 system as a second OS on my machine and Windows 7 does not really like Skylake. It is possible to get it to run, but I rather stay with my running system. So, it looks like Gigabyte mainboards are the way to go right now. Any other suggestions?
  14. Hi guys, as mentioned here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/324332-anybody-managed-to-install-sierra-on-an-msi-z87-g43-board/ my hardware does not like any OS X newer than Yosemite. I am seriously considering buying another mainboard that will not be as picky as my current one. I plan to install Sierra as vanilla as possible (just an USB installer with Clover). So here goes: Which LGA-1150 board did you guys get a vanilla (+ Clover) OS X Sierra to run on smoothly? Extra points if High Sierra is working, too. :-)
  15. Could you elaborate a bit further on the bold parts? Because right now it looks to me like you managed to get direct GPU acceleration in your VM. Edit: Sorry, I am stupid. I checked again what PCI pass-through means and basically it requires VT-d on Intel CPUs, which my lame-ass i7 4770K does not have. Of all the i7 Haswell CPU models that are out there, I got the only one lacking VT-d, argh! Still, I would really like to know how you managed to get pass-through to work. The Hackintosh way of installing Sierra did not work at all on my hardware, so right now I am seriously considering to buy a 4790K or whatever if it means I can do all of my XCode development in the virtualized system.