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MultiSound Changer - aggregate sound volume changer

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My friend (code) and I (idea and hints) developed a small tool for changing sound volume even for aggregate devices cause native sound volume controller can't change volume of aggregate devices (it was always pain in the ass with my laptop).


  • Changing sound volume of every device (even virtual aggregate device volume by changing volume of every device in aggregate device)
  • Changing default output device
  • Native appearance (looks like native volume controller)

I think it can be very useful if you're using VoodooHDA with 4.0+ sound on the board (my use case), but you can find another use cases.

For example if you want to play 2 or more output devices at the same time you should:

  • Create aggregate device in Audio MIDI Setup
  • Add all output devices you want to this new aggregate device
  • Hide default sound controller icon if enabled (by dragging away or in audio preferences)
  • Use our app to control sound volume
  • Add our app to startup (if you need)

You can find source code here: https://github.com/rlxone/MultiSoundChanger/tree/master
Latest build here: https://github.com/rlxone/MultiSoundChanger/releases

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