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  1. MultiSound Changer - aggregate sound volume changer

    chris1111, Perfect! I don't think it is necessary to integrate it in such a big project as VoodooHDA, cause not all the people have 4.0+ surround.
  2. My friend (code) and I (idea and hints) developed a small tool for changing sound volume even for aggregate devices cause native sound volume controller can't change volume of aggregate devices (it was always pain in the ass with my laptop). Features: Changing sound volume of every device (even virtual aggregate device volume by changing volume of every device in aggregate device) Changing default output device Native appearance (looks like native volume controller) I think it can be very useful if you're using VoodooHDA with 4.0+ sound on the board (my use case), but you can find another use cases. For example if you want to play 2 or more output devices at the same time you should: Create aggregate device in Audio MIDI Setup Add all output devices you want to this new aggregate device Hide default sound controller icon if enabled (by dragging away or in audio preferences) Use our app to control sound volume Add our app to startup (if you need) You can find source code here: https://github.com/rlxone/MultiSoundChanger/tree/master Latest build here: https://github.com/rlxone/MultiSoundChanger/releases
  3. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    So, Gotham hero right here
  4. MSI GT60/70/780/783 GE60/70 GX780 Keyboard led enabler

    There's more useful nodejs tool. Check it out https://github.com/stevelacy/msi-keyboard. I created bash script in automator for color change and exported as App and added to auloload.
  5. Change DVMT-prealloc on Laptop MSI GL62 6QF.

    Found hidden settings on MSI GS60 2QE by pressing Alt(on the left) + Ctrl (on the right) + Shift (on the right) + F2. There is a lot of settings as pre-alloc.
  6. DisplayPort No signal [MSI GS60]

    HDMI + HDMI Sound works, but only 4k@30fps cause of HDMI version. Videocard IntelHD 5600 doesn't support HDMI 2.0 so i desided to use Displayport for 4k@60fps, but it just didn't work. So, there is no signal with 1080p monitor. It's a global problem with mdp on laptop. When I plug in the cable - system freeze for a moment, monitor offers to use displayport instead of hdmi (in monitor settings), but after a second - "no singal". I tried to use pixelclock patch, but no result. By the way there is no option in monitor settings to change pixelclock or displayport version. Also I tried this patch, but no results too. Also I tested this repo https://github.com/PMheart/CoreDisplayFixup. No success. Also I tried to attach DP port to the 0306 connector. Patch is working, but no success. All the conversations with RehabMan you can find on tomynac, but dead end there. I'm pretty sure that DP works by IntelHD (screenshot from Windows in attachments). On Windows displayport works properly 4k@60fps. Any ideas? Is it possible to make displayport work? Some system reports: kextstat|grep -y acpiplat && kextstat|grep -y appleintelcpu && kextstat|grep -y applelpc && kextstat|grep -y applehda 13 2 0xffffff7f8317d000 0x66000 0x66000 com.apple.driver.AppleACPIPlatform (5.0) 65E05472-6AE7-3308-8CC8-FA6CB0DB2AEE <12 11 7 6 5 4 3 1> sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions && sudo kextcache -u / kext-dev-mode allowing invalid signature -67062 0xFFFFFFFFFFFEFA0A for kext VoodooHDA.kext kext-dev-mode allowing invalid signature -67013 0xFFFFFFFFFFFEFA3B for kext AppleMobileDevice.kext KernelCache ID: 1A85460C665F6568382229E5668249D0 CLOVER 2.zip MacBook Air.ioreg.zip