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Request for review (for group Admin)

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Hey TopazBar. Thanks for asking about this - in general thread closures are left to the discretion of the staff. The staff will discuss the specific circumstances of this closure and have an answer for you quite soon. :)


...and thanks for helping to "keep this forum interesting." Were it not for folks like you, we couldn't be here.

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I aplogize for not giving a more detailed description of this closure, this is my fault.


This closure was requested to quell (at least temporarily) the flow of mis-information which may have been incomplete based on the feedback gathered on IRC and on the forums. The kernel team as a whole asked for this thread closure, as the information contained within was not complete and it had the potiental to mislead people with information about the new kernels which was technicaly incorrect.


To better understand this, the flow of kernel information early in the 10.4.8 process was frantic and a lot of misinformation was being spread around. As a team, we had more complete information that we were releasing very soon, and we would hate to see people bork thier systems when we were so close to releasing a lot more pertainint information, and a easy install DVD!


Certinaly, I'm not blaming you personaly for this, Topaz. In fact, your experience is something all of us really loved to see :).


We do really appericate you keeping the forum interesting with the latest in your experiences, without a doubt! Everybody loves to hear the latest on things. :gathering:


Thanks again, and I aplogize if the closure caused any inconvience and for not replying to you sooner. I did recieve your PM, but due to the frantic nature of things it was 2 minutes ago :).

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Thanks for your reply, Mash and cmoski.


You have and maintain wonderful site for exchange of ideas and information.

I've learned alot and helped others when I can.


I repect your decision (thanks for clearing up circumstances) and abide by it. Blame it on bad timing, maybe wrong subforum.


I, however, have just one comment to possibly improve this forum:


I wish there was an independant group to oversee thread closures in future, so any favortism is rule out.

I had no chance to rebuttal claims of blessed "kernel dev group". I was basically silenced. The decision was very one sided.


Now, let's try to have fun...:whistle:

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I'm glad you have brought this up. You can be sure we will be discussing this so that in the future things can be resolved in more satisfactory manner. After all, we are here for our users.


I appericate your understanding, and yes, lets have fun! :)

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