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[HELP] Errors with MacIASL

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I want to patch my DSDT. So I install in usr/bin iasl. After I open Terminal an write:

Cd Desktop

*My DSDT is in my Desktop

 After I write

iasl -d DSDT.aml

And see the result:

Intel ACPI Component Architecture
ASL+ Optimizing Compiler version 20161117-64(RM)
Copyright (c) 2000 - 2016 Intel Corporation

Input file DSDT.aml, Length 0x1BB56 (113494) bytes
ACPI: DSDT 0x0000000000000000 01BB56 (v02 _ASUS_ Notebook 01072009 INTL 20120913)
Pass 1 parse of [DSDT]
Pass 2 parse of [DSDT]
Parsing Deferred Opcodes (Methods/Buffers/Packages/Regions)

Parsing completed

Found 24 external control methods, reparsing with new information
Pass 1 parse of [DSDT]
Pass 2 parse of [DSDT]
Parsing Deferred Opcodes (Methods/Buffers/Packages/Regions)

Parsing completed
Disassembly completed
ASL Output:    DSDT.dsl - 840712 bytes

 iASL Warning: There were 24 external control methods found during
 disassembly, but only 0 were resolved (24 unresolved). Additional
 ACPI tables may be required to properly disassemble the code. This
 resulting disassembler output file may not compile because the
 disassembler did not know how many arguments to assign to the
 unresolved methods. Note: SSDTs can be dynamically loaded at
 runtime and may or may not be available via the host OS.

 To specify the tables needed to resolve external control method
 references, the -e option can be used to specify the filenames.
 Example iASL invocations:
     iasl -e ssdt1.aml ssdt2.aml ssdt3.aml -d dsdt.aml
     iasl -e dsdt.aml ssdt2.aml -d ssdt1.aml
     iasl -e ssdt*.aml -d dsdt.aml

 In addition, the -fe option can be used to specify a file containing
 control method external declarations with the associated method
 argument counts. Each line of the file must be of the form:
     External (<method pathname>, MethodObj, <argument count>)
     iasl -fe refs.txt -d dsdt.aml

Then I open my new file DSDT.dsl which is on the desktop and I try to compile it and that is what I obtain (see screenshot attached)


somebody can help me to correct these errors




[EDIT] If I go to MqcIASL's preference and change ACPI specification to 5.0a I've got 7errors if I compil 


If I change to 5.1 I've got same error but not at the same line

Sans titre 2.tiff



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