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  1. i've got an intel pentium G3240 when i try your guide i've got a problem when in terminal i write: ./ssdtPRGen.sh -c 2 -p G3240 i obtain this: root@utilisateur-All-Series:/home/utilisateur# ./ssdtPRGen.sh -c 2 -p G3240 ./ssdtPRGen.sh: ligne 284: sw_vers : commande introuvable ./ssdtPRGen.sh: ligne 285: sw_vers : commande introuvable ./ssdtPRGen.sh: ligne 286: sw_vers : commande introuvable ./ssdtPRGen.sh: ligne 287: let: gOSVersion= : erreur de syntaxe : opérande attendue (le symbole erroné est "=") ssdtPRGen.sh v0.9 Copyright (c) 2011-2012 by † RevoGirl v6.6 Copyright (c) 2013 by † Jeroen v21.4 Copyright (c) 2013-2017 by Pike R. Alpha ----------------------------------------------------------- Bugs > https://github.com/Piker-Alpha/ssdtPRGen.sh/issues < ./ssdtPRGen.sh: ligne 3862: /root/Library/ssdtPRGen/Data/Versions.cfg: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type System information: () sysctl: impossible d'obtenir les stat de /proc/sys/machdep/cpu/brand_string: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type Brandstring: "" Override value: (-c) CPU workarounds, now set to: 2! Override value: (-p) processor model, now using: G3240! Notice: Downloading extractACPITables.zip ... ./ssdtPRGen.sh: ligne 2674: /root/Library/ssdtPRGen/Tools/extractACPITables : impossible d’exécuter le fichier binaire : Erreur de format pour exec() grep: /root/Library/ssdtPRGen/ACPI/SSDT*.aml: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type Error: /root/Library/ssdtPRGen/ACPI/DSDT.aml not found! Aborting ... Done. why please? i try your guide with ubuntu 16.04 thanks
  2. Sierra Toshiba Satellite C50t-B-110

    Anybody can help me?
  3. Sierra Toshiba Satellite C50t-B-110

    Hello everybody I have a laptop PC Toshiba C50t-B-110 with processor intel N3540, hard disk 500go random access memory 4gb I have create my key with the tools of chris111 and when I boot above there -v the pc freeze on " Using reloc block: no, hibernate wake: no " I have exchange OsxAptioFixDRV by OsxAptioFix2DRV but same problem
  4. unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '('

    Yes i've search on Google but no result very interessant An idea ?
  5. unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '('

    Same problem, when i boot -v just before Kernel panic boot stop at line [iGPU] Scheduller Throttle cap =100ms
  6. unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '('

    I have make some changes: Disable Secure boot Disable Intel virtualization technology Disable Intel AES-NI Disable VT-D And i can change DVTM of my Graphics card to: 32mb 64mb 128mb 256mb 512mb I try all values but dont work. And By default I put 128mb
  7. unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '('

    I try config_HD5300_5500_6000.plist. i rename to config.plist et put into efi efi clover and reboot but I've got a kernel panic And laptop reboot
  8. unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '('

    ok i replace DSDT with the new and boot OK I want to be able to boot with my graphics board Intel HD graphics 5500. My laptop computer possesses Intel HD graphics 5500 and a card Nvidia geforce 920 and I know that I cannot run 2 graphics boards but I do not manage to make him
  9. unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '('

    Ok. now I haven't got errors but 124 warnings 199 remarks 208 optimizations 4 constant folded Normal??
  10. unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '('

    ok thanks! I've download last version of maciasl and now I've got 6.1 I extract new DSDT via clover and f4 at boot. I use iasl in terminal and after open my DSDT.dsl with new macasli, I've got error when I compile! just 2 errors! how can I correct those
  11. unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '('

    I haven't got this presentation! maybe I've got and old version of MaciASL. in "about maciasl" I've "Version 1.4 (269)" and when I got to MaciASL preference I don't find 6.1 but if I go in application folder, right click on MacIASL.app, contents of the package, contents, macOS I see
  12. unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '('

    how can I know if I use iasl 6,1 please When I write in terminal iasl -v i obtain AirdeSebastien:~ sebastien$ iasl -v Intel ACPI Component Architecture ASL+ Optimizing Compiler version 20161117-64(RM) Copyright (c) 2000 - 2016 Intel Corporation
  13. unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '('

    I post the original DSDT and SSDT. I try to modify my DSDT for my graphic card Intel HD5500 in my laptop. I've got Asus R540LJ, intel core i5005u, Nvidia 920m, HDD 1to, 8gb ram I've got native resolution but not graphics acceleration. I want to try this tuto Please help me origin.zip
  14. When I compil a DSDT with MacIASL, I've got 5 errors! I patch 4 errors but they stay a last errors which is: 28510, 6126, syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '(' This line is: Method (_CRS, 0, Serialized) // _CRS: Current Resource Settings { Name (SBFI, ResourceTemplate () { I2cSerialBusV2 (0x0015, ControllerInitiated, 0x00061A80, AddressingMode7Bit, "\\_SB.PCI0.I2C0", 0x00, ResourceConsumer, , Exclusive, Interrupt (ResourceConsumer, Level, ActiveLow, Shared, ,, ) { 0x0000006D, } }) Return (SBFI) } I2cSerialBusV2 (0x0015, ControllerInitiated, 0x00061A80, ​I didn't find any solution for this errors