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Hey, have googled around but couldnt find a final answer to this question, and thought this might be the best place to ask..: :poster_oops:


Im running Fusion on a Snow Leopard with some virtual windows. This works ok for me. I have an old PowerBookPro (with tiger) which runs some apps in classic environment that I need from time to time. The problem is that the laptops LCD is a gonner. Would love to be able to make a virtual machine out of this OSX tiger and run it under Fusion on my newer MacBookPro - possible in any way? If not with VM Ware Fusion, then with other emulation software?


Wouldn't like to have to do a clean installation though, not sure I still have the install discs lying around - its probably close to 10 years old the other system :-))) So it would have to be a conversion to a virtual machine...


PS. Presently I handle my problem by connetcing an external monitor to the old laptop, but I need it away from the office too ... which is kind of a problem :-)


Thank you in advance :-) Have a nice day

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hi guys. first post here. just registered because i feel this is a thread that may or may not be able to help me (its a sticky but hasn't been posted on more than 2 times in the past year?)


i have fusion 3.02 running xp 32-bit on a macbook pro 10.6.2


at times my desktop will completely freeze, but start button and tool bar will still be active. sometimes programs will load via the start bar, sometimes they do not. at times, the desktop will also wipe itself completely clear of icons.


the VM will apparently freeze for a random time, sometimes 2 minutes, sometimes 20. after it is done doing its thing, it will load up every program/window that i attempted to open during the freeze.


ideas? thx in advance.



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