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HP Z840 - DSDT , need to "applefy" it


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On 1/26/2017 at 9:16 PM, Jordidh said:

Hi Mald0n,


Finally I got some settings in Clover that work without DSDT, only with SSDT. This is with a Z840 - Bios 2.31 Rev. A and Sierra 10.12.3. 2 x Xeon E5-2623 V4 (Broadwell), 32GB RAM with for the moment, 2x16GB RAM Sticks (I know it needs 4 DIMMS per processor to work optimal) Thunderbolt Card, Intel X520 NIC Card and Nvidia TITAN 6GB.


Z840 DSDT origin.zip

IOReg Z840.zip


Hi, Jordith!

Have you tried to update to Mojave or Catalina?

I have bought a z840 with BIOS v2.50.

After some trial and error, I get it to work in Mojave, but it restarts randomly.

I'm using iMacPro 1,1 as SMBIOS because all my tests with MacPro 6,1 were a mess...

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance!


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May I please revive this topic? Thank you. 
Got an asus z10pa-d8 (c612) and two E5-2670v4. 
Working excellent with a set of x99 patches for Monterey fed to latest OC debug bundle. 

Ventura latest version here, works like a charm. Everything - but sleep. Possibly due to the prob that even Intel says that their server chips don’t have C3 power state?


I googled some topic on modding Chinese bioses and replace (?) intel’s microcode so a xeon can sleep correctly (???) Unfortunately I’m not that good in Chinese to be sure. 

However, xeon-based iMacs do sleep correctly. I suppose that some software patches (ssdt/dsdt) could be applied at boot time that enable the S3? Or at least S4 which is at last a solution too. 

Please advise. If I’m digging in the right way, I will share the result. 

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