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Hello community!

I rarely use my old retail Leopard system installed on separate HD and removed all backups from Time Machine.

But recently it stopped booting. When I'm trying to boot from that HD I get the following messages:


boot0: GPT

boot0: HFS+

boot0: booting

boot0: done

boot1: startupfile


I can still load the system the following way:

boot from iDeneb DVD, press F8 and type rd=disk1s2.

Then I tried to re-instal Chameleon (EFI v9 via UInstaller 1.2) as I always do when my system stops booting. But this time it didn't help, I still see the same message when trying to boot from my HD directly.


I've repaired permissions and repaired disk with Disk Utility - it didn't help either.


Please suggest. I would really miss my old system.


Easy way -> Find what is missing on your Hd,

Kernel , com.apple.boot.plist config , etc.



Teach a new trick to your old Leopard by using

a new bootloader (Chameleon/Enoch or Clover)


On the long run this will bring you some benefits:

- more easy manteinance

- more vanilla Osx


Try to create a Osx booting USB pen



Use /Extra folder , fakesmc.kext, smbios.plist, DSDT.aml, org.chameleon.boot.plist,




Use /EFI folder, fakesmc.kext, config.plist,Dsdt.aml,



When you are able to boot from USB pen, then you can easily copy / install new bootloader on HD.


I have been able to boot Osx Leopard with Chameleon 2.0 and even Osx Tiger with these tricks ....

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Thank you, pippox0.

I thought about 2nd way. May be it's really worth it.

What about an easy way (find what is missing) -

can you point me what are exact steps (or give a link), I mean what files should I look for ?


I really wonder why my bootloader gets spoiled from time to time so I have to re-install it. And now why something else gets spoiled this time. Is this a common case everybody experience? I do not install any new software.

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