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Use this kernel, it will also work with your CPU: Full 64-bit 10.6.8 kernel with SSSE3 emulator for 64-bit kernel space on non-ssse3 CPUs. Compiled by Sinetek.

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I also have this problem with 'Not yet set' on Snow Leopard and Leopard. My system has a Xeon E5450 CPU, socket 771 modified for 775. I'm using Clover 3577.


There are a lot of weird combinations:


- The Snow Leopard installation I used was unmodified from an Core i7 system where it boots perfectly with clover.

- I tried kernels Snow Leopard 10.6.3, 10.6.8, Mountain Lion 10.8.0 (yes, this is possible) and this kernel. No success.

- With the kernel above and Clover optition 'busratio=9' it loads kerne and kexts and then ends with a lot of +++++++++ signs.

- Booting from an USB stick with an Chimera setup designed for this system, I'm getting lots of 'Invalid processor op 0x5c...'

- Booting Installation from USB works, so I made a fresh installation

- I copied neccessary kexts to the Snow Leopard, ends again with 'Not yet set'.


Leopard has the same issue, but is booting fine from Chimera with vanilla kernel (except the missing HD4870 driver).

Because it is partially working with Chimera, so it must be somewhere a Clover settings problem. I also would like to use a vanilla kernel for Snow Leopard again.

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