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No night shift for older ipads.. Why Apple?


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I have a 4th gen iPad Retina and upgraded to 9.3.1 and was all excited about using night shift mode as I suffer from some pretty severe insomnia 3-4 nights out of the week. I recently learned about how the bright light affects your melatonin production and sleep cycle. In any case was dissapointed to learn it wouldn't work with the iPad 4th Gen Retina because the hardware is supposedly 'older' (yeah right). So I've been using Opera Mini as that has a blue light mode switch in the app but everytime I leave that browser app I get blasted with bright light. So I just don't understand why Apple has not or will not enabled this feature for 'older' hardware? I get the feeling they would rather have me spend another 7 to 8 hundred dollars instead than pay an engineer to compile their code on 32 bit. I mean I'm not the federal government here asking to have my iphone jacked open so terrorists won't kill us. Not that they care.





Edit: Guess I'm going to have to Jailbreak it to get that feature. Ugh..

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