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  1. That's what I mean. I should work but it doesn't at the moment.
  2. They mean that "hardware" right click doesn't work - pressing in the bottom right of the trackpad (when the option is enabled in syspref) should give a right click.
  3. I have the backlight issue on AC only, doesn't appear to happen on battery. With regards to scaling on VoodooI2C this is actually an unfortunate consequence of a longterm mistake made in the HID protocol back when it was first released. Certain scaling parameters were wrongly defined in the protocol and as a result many device manufacturers (even today) implement the scaling parameter wrongly. Hence the code in VoodooI2C that parses this scaling parameter works for some laptops and doesn't work for others. I haven't been able to find a reliable solution which detects when scaling is wrongly implemented. The scaling is actually not too bad on the XPS 15 itself but the reason we don't have right click yet is because implementing it in VoodooI2C would break left clicks on laptops that have broken scaling. If I don't figure out a solution soon I might create a separate dev branch which contains a right click implementation for people that are able to fiddle about with scaling values themselves.
  4. Just a followup on this issue. Turns out I was running a really old BIOS with known battery status issues. I upgraded to the latest BIOS and had some issues with the "could not allocate resources" issue but adding in "FixAlloc.efi" worked a treat! My battery now charges properly.
  5. Unfortunately GPU and SD card reader are disabled and speedstep is enabled. Battery drain is still pretty bad and I only charge up to 62%. It's looking more like a worn out battery rather than any bug with macOS at this point. It's probably from abusing it from the last two years of VoodooI2C dev :p
  6. Thanks for the tip re: SD card, I've disabled it to see if it makes much of a difference. I wonder if a proper driver for it would fix it...
  7. Apologies if this has been answered before but I couldn't find anything after searching: does anyone experience severe battery drain with the 9550? The battery probably lasts only about an hour on my machine. Moreover, the battery percentage only ever reaches 62%.
  8. alex.daoud

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Hey all, I need some help getting QE/CI working on a recent upgrade to Mojave. The system is a Dell Venue 11 Pro which is a bit of strange machine. It is a tablet machine Haswell i3 with integrated HD4300. I got it working on Yosemite a few years ago using the old FakePCIID.kext and FakePCIID_HD4400_HD4600.kext .in the following thread: The bizarre thing about this machine is that the only way I was able to get QE/CI working was to fake an ID of 0x0A16 and a (desktop!) platform-id of 0x0D220003. I have attempted to do a similar thing with WhateverGreen but it doesn't work. I have tried injecting many different platform-id's and fake IDs to no avail. The Azure kexts simply do not load. Would anyone have any ideas on what to do here? Edit: I've made a little bit of progress here: using a fake ID of 0x0412 and the desktop ID 0x0D220003, the laptop gets stuck during boot (either in verbose or the progress bar just gets stuck). However, I can connect to the laptop via screen share from my other machine and the system is working with full QE/CI. I am guessing there is an issue that using a desktop ID causes here. Note that not a single mobile ID works and I guess its because this laptop has an eDP screen. I have attached a debug archive for the current install on this system. I have also attached an IOReg from the older Yosemite install showing that it had QE/CI. Unfortunately this IOReg is all I have in terms of debug information from the old install. Thanks in advance! debug_10132.zip Venue Yosemite install.ioreg
  9. Not sure about choppy scrolling. I have the 4k 9550 and it works fine for me. With regards to inertia scrolling, check the following setting: SysPrefs > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad > Trackpad Options > Scrolling.
  10. Are you sure you're using v2.1.4 ? The clicking issue was fixed in that one. Patching shouldn't affect that.
  11. APCIBatteryManager is known to clash with VoodooI2C and cause jittery movement. Try removing it if you have it and check if that improves things.
  12. I've updated VoodooI2C to v2.1.2. This includes support for Mojave, fixes the hidd CPU usage issue people here reported, and also improves click detection.
  13. Physical click issue sounds strange, does it do it regardless of configuration options in the sys prefs? The CPU issue just came to light today - I'm not sure whats causing it as it isnt happening on my machine but I'll be looking into it.
  14. Palm rejection will work when RehabMan releases the new version of VoodooPS2 with the-darkvoid's new features. There is nothing I can do at the moment to hasten that. Alternatively you can build VoodooPS2 yourself with the-darkvoid's changes incorporated - v2.1.1 of VoodooI2C will automatically support it if you do that