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Laptop PCIe Realtek card reader request

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Hi guys, my laptop hackintosh (#1 in signature) has now achieved 99% functionality   :jester:

Everything works, including HDMI and HDMI audio, WiFi and Bluetooth with BCM94352HMB, RTL8111 Ethernet working thanks to a great dev, full brightness control and native iGPU and CPU power management. All USBs were made to work by me in El Capitan, the NVIDIA card is disabled, due to Optimus not being supported, even my VGA, that doesn’t exist on Macs is working fricking great.
All except for the card reader, which is Realtek.
I would love to be able to import my camera pictures directly to OSX cause that’s where I do all my professional editing job! I am forced to boot Windows only for an SDCard. Then I pass the pictures and access them from OSX. 
Could you guys help me so I can get rid of Windows once and for all? 
I know there is not much developer interest about it, but I can tell you there is a lot of roaring and asking in the forums, people want their laptop card readers to work, if it would be possible, and it would be a great implementation to our kext database as well as hardware compatibility database. I also know for a fact that Realtek has released drivers for their USB Card Readers for Mac OS X.
Any way we could adapt those drivers, and hopefully make a internal PCI Realtek Card reader kext, for Mac OS X? 
I am open to trying any suggestion given!
Thanks in advance!
PS: Vendor id and Device id are there, being recognised natively by MacOS X. We just need some developer love     :wub: 
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It's a pity PCIe SD Card reader is not working because no developer to make a good driver.

This driver works in my case but I can't make it better.

Sources and binaries included.


It really is a pity mate... For me this VoodooSDHC doesn't load, not even if I change the Vendor and Product id's to match mine.




Anyway, if you Slice cannot make it better, then I am not sure it will be possible.

Do you know of an alternative for me? Like what is the best USB Multiple Card Reader for Mac OSX?

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Almost all USB Card Readers work OOB in MacOSX. I just don't know how much is this market.

They work with the same driver as ordinary USB stick.



PS. Somehow my USB SD Card Reader stopped working I don't know why.

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