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new merom Mac Book Pro

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15.4-inch display

2.16GHz or 2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

5.6 pounds

6x double-layer-burning SuperDrive

One FireWire 400

One FireWire 800



Up to 200GB hard drive

Gigabit Ethernet

ATI Mobility Radeon X1600

Built-in AirPort Extreme

Bluetooth 2.0+EDR

Illuminated keyboard

Scrolling trackpad

MagSafe Power Adapter

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Man I want to buy a 15.4" 2.33GHz 2GB 120GB with glossy screen SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A couple thing bother me though...


If it has 2 DIMM slots, how come it can only hold 3GB?

Why no 7200RPM option? I hate to buy aftermarket then throw away the original I wasted good $$$ on.

Why no glossy screen in retail, it's online only?

When will there be x64 Vista drivers for using bootcamp be available?


I've been waiting over a freaking year for a DL burner, FW800, glossy screen, and most importantly 64-bit! Then I get screwed on stupid things like a 7200rpm drive, not having 4 DIMM slots for holding more then 4GB of memory (which is half the point of 64-bit!), and not even a 4GB option but a {censored} 3GB option! Oh, and no glossy screen in retail where I have my lines of credit, errrr.....


All I want for Christmas is a 15.4" MacBook Pro to run x64 Leopard & x64 Vista Ultimate

4 DIMM slots, or aleast be able to hold 4GB using the 2 it has!

A 7200RPM HD option for various sizes...

Of course the Glossy screen...

and NO BUGS like the last MacBook Pro series!!!!




*rant mode off*



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most of the thing you want are impossible, its even amazing that apple is allowing 3 gig because so dimms have a limitation based on their design and there is a 7200 rpm 100 gig if you look, and im pretty sure u can get a glossy or nonglare screen.

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What's impossible about anything I asked for? 2GB SO DIMM's exist, Apple is even selling 1 with their 3GB option! If it had 4 DIMM slots instead of only 2 it could also hold 8GB of RAM with a firmware update. PC, notebooks already sell with 4 slots to hold 8GB of memory.


No 7200RPM is offered at all, otherwise I would look past the other stuff and order it right now.


As for the glossy screen, I was told by an Apple rep yesterday that it was online only.


I also want to wait after hearing what a P.O.S. the 1st editions were, I don't pay $2500 to be a hardware beta tester...


EDIT: Oh and another thing that makes me wait: What date do you have to buy after to get the free upgrade to Leopard? For Vista MS is doing it after Nov. 9th or 11th or something. When is Apple starting it for Leopard?

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Hello everyone,


I have been waiting for a long time for the new revison of the MacBook Pro and finally it is there. I am quite satisfied with this update, although they could have upgraded the graphics, too.


Anyway I have trouble choosing the right configuration right now, that is why I want to ask you for your opinion.

Should I just take the basic configuration, should I take the 2.16GHz version with 2GB of RAM and 120GB HDD or should I go and take the 2.33GHz version which offers 256MB of VRAM with the X1600.

The question is if the 2.33GHz version is worth the 400€ more you have to pay or is the performance gain of .17GHz and the double amount of RAM and VRAM neglectable?

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92GTA, you should read this article on why the 3GB RAM limitation is a smart move on the part of Apple:




Manufacturers that claim being able to provide 4GB are cheating their customers into buying an extra 2GB RAM module 70% of which is unuseable by the motherboard.

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After reading that it still occurs to me that this is an issue with the 32-bit host os and how it controls what the memory is used for. Once you are running a 64-bit: IE Leopard and x64 Vista, you don't have that problem if the mobos are made to handle more than only 4GB's, such as having 4 DIMM slots...

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