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Nuevo Hackintosh en proceso, sugerencias

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Hola gente,
Quiero crear un hackintosh nuevo, y tengo esta configuración pensada, me podeis dar vuestra opinion?

Socket 2011v3
Intel CORE i7  5820K (3,3 Ghz - 3,6 Ghz)

Motherboard: GA-X99-UD4

Tarjeta gràfica: Geforce GTX960 OC WF2 4Gb DDR5

RAM: HyperX Savage HX424C14SBK2/32 - Memoria RAM DDR4 de 32 GB (2400 MHz DDR4 CL14 DIMM, Kit (2x16 GB) XMP)

Samsung SM951 256GB - Disco duro sólido (256 GB, M.2, 2150 MB/s, 0,05W, 8 cm, 2,2 cm)

Saludos y muchas gracias

Si no es en este post, dónde puedo preguntar?

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      My question is - could somebody share the fully working hardware configuration and does such exists at all? With working sleep and without these annoying crashes, based on some modern fast chipsets like z270/370 and 7/8 series CPU? Maybe even hibernate - is it possible to have a working hibernate with clover/10.13? Or at least sleep?
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