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What to do when you think you have....

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What do do when you think you have "Nothing hard/interesting/complex to do"

A: Build AMD CPU support that is the same as if it was intel.

B: Reverse engineer and make a emulator for the Playstation 5. :hysterical:  :P

C: Help the person who wants everyone do do everything for him, to do it himself and research it.

D: Do all the above. :P

E: ???, Can someone please right the next four letters, and then the next person, etc.

F Reverse engineer an Nvidia driver for the GT 610 on Snow Leopard, for those who just can't let it go.

G Reverse engineer an Nvidia driver for the GT 430 on Mavericks, for those who tried to let it go.

H build an upgrade CPU board for the  G5 powermac that supports up to 4 quad core AMD CPUS... for those same rejects

I write hate mail to Flash and Apple for bailing on civilization ( or at least you know who)

J Drink a variety of Spiced Rum, Coffee, and Irish Cream and don't really do any of that other stuff.



I: Kill flash player once and for all! (I keep chrome for stuff that needs flash, and use firefox as my daily browser.

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M:  Kill flash player, and Java, and use HTML5 instead on all websites!

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