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Battlefield 2142 Released 10/17/06


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Battlefield 2142 has been released in select areas. Battlefield 2142 takes place in... well... the year 2142. It is a futuristic setting. Starting in 2105, the Earth becomes overwhelmed with ice as a new Ice Age is among the world of tomorrow. Only a small area is left untouched from the cold touch of nature - an area in Eurasia (Europe-Asia). Forces from all nations fight to the death for the only means of survival of the human race. The game features hover tanks, new battle armor, upgrades, weaponry, high-tech scopes, EMP grenades, smart mines, and battle-walkers (those big robotic things with the turrets that walk around like in the Matrix 3). There are 'Titans' which are equipped with guns like a battleship with the ability to drop battle-walkers and basically command control over the area. These titans are controlled by the commander. Gameplay and graphics are similar to battlefield 2 with additional weaponry and tech that to me make it look almost like halo.

The Trailer:


Many battlefield 2 owners will be glad to know that the single player is actually a single player - not that instant battle sh*t in battlefield 2. There is a career mode which you will have to upgrade weaponry and fight through levels. It's got a nice story line and i think it holds much potential.


Here's a picture from wikipedia of a Titan being destroyed in the new gameplay mode in which teams must destroy the enemy Titan to win the game, while defending their own Titan.



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