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studio gear to go along with a macbook


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Well, I've been waiting to get a new macbook (maybe a pro) until the new core 2 duo is released in them. Hopefully that will be soon but I can hold out until then. Anyway. Along with it I would like to get some basic studio gear. I'd like a nice firewire interface, preferable around four channels and it would be nice if a couple of pre-amps were built in. I'd also like a decent keyboard midi controller. any suggestions for hardware that would work well with an intel macbook (or macbook pro)?




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hey pedro.


I have similar questions . i posted a thread titled "post your studio setup" to try and entice some people into shedding some light or making suggestions , but to no avail.


This forum seems to be very self-serving. If theres a post about getting an illegal software working , then there will be a mulititude of replies and PAGES of activity. But if there is a simple newcomer asking a question that would take a veteran 2 seconds to answer , please believe it will not get answered . This is not the "community" that i hoped it would be . Lend a hand people.


Mackie makes a beautiful mixer with firewire capabilities called "Onyx". It's really a space/money saver in the end because in consolidates a miixer and an interface purchase into one.


Check it out here : http://www.mackie.com/products/onyx1220/


it comes in different sizes and variations to fit your situation. It's a tough sonofabitch too , so no worries about traveling.


You'll also need a good midi controller. If you're primarily a keys person , then invest in a substantial keyboard format controller like these :




its really a matter of needs and preferance here.


If you're mainly a percussion person like me , go with my personal favorite , the MPC2500. It communicates flawlessly with a computer via USB and has been the premiere standalone drum machine for 20+ years. If you've never heard the name , you've heard its work!!

Totally unmatchable . I could go on for days but check it out for yourself :




I couldn't recommend anything more crucial than an MPC...


Though you're waiting for the core 2 duo models , don't expect oo much more in terms of performance in the audio side. RAM is of much more importance for these kinds of applications so dont skip the RAM.


www.newegg.com has 1GB sticks for $99 bucks!


I'll post more as it comes.


Educate yourself about the UB (universal binary) topic on intel rams. theres a severe drought of software for these machines.




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Well as it often is with questions about gear, people are tempted to list what THEY have or what they would love to have - which is probably not always the best choice for the one who's asking.


I double the Mackie. Their stuff is usually built like a tank and their preamps are the sweetest on the planet (in the sub 10,000 range...)


However for a start you might want to look into something like the M-audio Ozonic http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/Ozonic-main.html


It's got a 4x4 firewire interface, mic preamp with phantom power(!) and a MIDI keyboard. Apart from all the UB software you can find it also runs with Protools M-powered (a good start if you ever want to take the PT route). It's 100% UB and M-audio drivers are a doddle to install.


We use the FW410 on our mobile unit and the sound is really good for that price.




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