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Hey y'all


I have been thinking about Linux and the fact that it hasnt put much of a dent into Windows' dominance. But the answer has been right in front of us the whole time. Its about software. Now I am not going to say that Linux devs are bad programmers, they are not; but they do not know how to make a good UI that normal people can follow.


That is where Android comes in. It was designed just to do that; Google took Linux and put a good UI on it. And it became popular, very popular, and a lot of money is made in selling its software.


Linux on the desktop is a dead dream. Its never going to happen. But we have a chance, right here, right now, to make an OS so good that Microsoft would have real competition on the desktop. There are a few Android Distros out there, but none of them are doing it right. I think it can be done. There were those who said that no one could make a GUI. Look at how wrong they were. Its a matter of who has the best ideas that will bring in people into using your OS. It can be done. 

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It has a lot of potential, but the issue is still the same as with standard Linux: it needs money and some killer consumer features to win the market share. Money in order to convince OEMs it's worth it, and consumer features so that people will actually want to buy it over OS X and Windows.


If Google were to head up the project, then it won't have money issues. But that would mean they would need to get off their ChromeOS hobby horse in order to develop a desktop Android, and I'm not so confident they'll do that.


The one consumer feature I can think of is tight Android phone integration, similar to iOS and OS X. However, that would mean they would have to develop a system that would work with all the (very fragmented) forks of Android developed by mobile OEMs.


All in all, there would need to be an appeal for a large following in order to gain market share. Without it it's in the same boat as Linux and all other minor OS'es.


As for GUI...that's all dependent on the developers. I've seen really pretty Android interfaces and really ugly ones too.

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Android UI will never be adaptable to desktops or laptops, it's optimised for touch screen. They would have to make a new UI that could at least annihilate Windows (OSX is so beautiful, it's hard to make something better) so that people would think of using it

I love Android in my smartphone, but I don't see it coming to other platforms.

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