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  1. Images are just examples, dont expect to see identical results. If the methodology didnt work this would be a pointless thread. In any case, each update from apple is causing things to change, so early adopters of capitan should be aware of these problems, and be prepared for work. I agree with piker in the fact fixes are better done in dsdt rather than injectors.
  2. Why install clover or even choose diff smbios, totally confused. smbios is important for power management, and your not changing cpu etc. Modern o.s dont care if a screen or other hardware comes and goes, this is normal. If it takes forever to do things, consider it has some other damage from the fall. An operating system is not aware if it is in its original chassis or in a cardboard box.
  3. Dont you just adore apple's "finals" and "golden masters" for capitan! Every update, something big changes, they really need to test things more before releasing. Naughty apple!
  4. Yes correct, was never added to first post as i wanted people to test it, and instead the thread became a "debate". Maybe i will do it now, before another "debate" distracts from topic.
  5. There was no need to remove the dsdt. One could say that applying an AIO patch also does not teach, but hey its alot faster and easier than looking what patches a dsdt might need. On the other hand having success with an AIO opens the door to further learning. Either way is fine with me if people dont want to learn these things, not all find them interesting nor exciting. If you applied the AIO patch, you need then apply the rename patch from the first post of this thread as the AIO patches dont have this in them afaik.
  6. just tested, works fine for me (edit) ignore me, your right, throws errors
  7. Sure its fair to do here. However that's an easy dsdt to patch, pjalm has an AIO patch for that board. Add this to sources section of maciasl: http://pjalm.com/repos/gigabyte/
  8. You will find the HSXX and SSPX in DSDT defo. I dont know why IOJones doesn't always show them.
  9. Be nice if everyone with success posted their maps here.
  10. If things work, no of course not. Dont touch anything, haha Nothing in this guide will help your boot time afaik. You must have other issues.
  11. wegface

    Clover on Z170 Motherboards?

    no osx skylake support yet, must wait.
  12. Thats normal btw. Discouraging yes, but normal