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    Hackintosh - Islamic ruling?

    Hackintosh for personal use is, undoubtedly, neither point 1 or 2. But could it qualify under point 3? Apple did indeed make huge profit from selling macOS, alone (formerly) and on Macs. It is too expensive for me (and lacks a touchscreen, deal breaker). I actually have thought about this, but doesn't the EULA assume a-priori that you know what do they mean by Apple branded equipment? Are they (Islamically) allowed to assume this? And is such a loophole halal? Thanks, I really appreciate your answers!
  2. WaseemAlkurdi

    Hackintosh - Islamic ruling?

    Very, very well said brother! You probably said it all, but I need to clarify a few points about my inquiry. My use of a Hackintosh is educational plus personal, meaning that I did build it to learn, which I have done, but now, I'm using it for almost completely personal stuff (a daily driver OS, and not an educational experience anymore). Is that permissible? Does the "personal" part part fit under that "necessities allow prohibitions" ruling? I am a faithful Muslim, and will not cease to be under any circumstances, and I included "Whether we should follow religion is another issue" for the sole purpose of preventing this thread from becoming a hotspot for criticism of Islam or religions, like a thread I opened on another forum a while back.
  3. WaseemAlkurdi

    Hackintosh - Islamic ruling?

    I do not care about legal action, but in our religion, it was ruled that EULAs are just like any "rental" contract between you and Apple and you (the user) have to abide or it would be against the religion ...However, Apple's conditions are unfair. Does that make the contract void? *** About religious perspectives, I am a practicing Muslim and if my religion doesn't allow me to Hackintosh, it's game over, and I'm sure that there are people like me anywhere in the world. Why are we supposed to be bound by religion is another issue. Thanks :-) Edit: a. "game over" witg the hackintosh, not religion. b. "Why are we supposed to be bound by religion is another issue" - this is added to prevent this post from becoming a hotspot for criticism of Islam/religions.
  4. Dear all, Assalamu alaykum ... We all know about the no Hackintosh condition in the Apple EULA ... And as the EULA is a contract in Islam, is it halal for: Apple to introduce this condition, and if not, is it halal for us Hackintoshers to break it? However, there are grounds to believe that this condition is only there to deter companies from making such computers and selling them for a profit (as in Psystar Inc. in the United States, later sued in court by Apple), not really to deter individuals. My question is: Is the EULA valid? Is the EULA enforceable in Islam? (like, does it apply if I remove it from the operating system?). It says that you automatically agree to its terms by merely using the operating system. Isn't that an enforced contract? The condition of the non-Apple-branded computer seems to be a monopoly over the operating system (I sold the product to you BUT you can only use it however we wish and ONLY on our computers). Is such monopoly halal? Posted in Islam Stack Exchange, but no really helpful answers. Edit: EULAs are not enforceable in my country. Please check yours for such enforceability.
  5. The drive is not getting full power. Try using some electrical equipment (voltmeter, ammeter) to see how much electricity is getting through. In the meanwhile, use a cable with two USB plugs to plug in the PC (I have one for my external DVD writer)
  6. WaseemAlkurdi

    How to make an emergency repair USB

    Make a completely regular installer USB and use single-user mode. What's wrong with that?You can also use Ubuntu (or any Linux distro with HFS+ support) on a live USB.
  7. WaseemAlkurdi

    Shuttle PC w Intel Atom and Radeon HD

    Or maybe Fake CPUID?
  8. WaseemAlkurdi

    introduction and urgent

    DPCIManager on OS X Device Manager on Windows
  9. WaseemAlkurdi

    problems in verbal mode

    Yes you do - you probably miss FakeSMC.kext from your log.Our friend added it for you.
  10. What graphics card(s) do you have on your laptop? To start with, when it comes to laptops, many have a combo of Intel HD Graphics and a dedicated NVIDIA/AMD card. Use nv_disable=1 should you have Intel+NVIDIA, or find an option in the BIOS to disable the dedicated card. RAW images and likewise DMG files are "true" block-by-block copies of storage devices. This means that ANY block copy program can transfer them - be it TransMac, Win32DiskImager, or even the plain old "dd" command from Linux.On the other hand, programs like Norton Ghost (.GHO files) are "untrue" copies, in the sense that they use compression and add their own proprietary information to the file, breaking its "storage device clone" status. Therefore, only the proprietary program used to create the file can open it (except when a third party reverse-engineers the proprietary file format).
  11. Use TransMac or Win32DiskImager to "burn" the RAW file onto your stick - the .dmg file you have is MOST PROBABLY a distro bearing the file name Yosemite-Zone.dmg. I made the guess because their instructions use TransMac. Should that be true, please delete the file. If you decide to use that file, you're on your own and nobody will help you, in addition to the face that you alone are responsible for the risk of hidden malware, like keyloggers found in other distros. I'm posting this to warn you of possible danger. Please do not take it personally, and sorry if I falsely accused you and it turned out to be a vanilla DMG.
  12. WaseemAlkurdi

    chameleon fsb read incorrect

    Use Clover with vanilla options + vanilla DSDT.aml + vanilla SSDTs.Are you doing any HDA injection in Chameleon?
  13. Without graphics acceleration in the VM, performance would be as terrible as Windows 8 on a Pentium 4 box.Still, thanks for posting!
  14. WaseemAlkurdi

    Can i breath now?

    Your worst stability enemy shouldn't be "a file that will [randomly] break somewhere", but rather OS X updates. Want max stability? Never update a hackintosh if you don't want to take the risk. My advice is to make a second, smaller partition and use it as a " testbed". Update that partition's OS X, and if something breaks, nothing is lost!
  15. WaseemAlkurdi

    chameleon fsb read incorrect

    Tried Clover?And tried dropping your custom SSDTs with the new Chameleon?