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[solved] HD550 hp elitebook displayport

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Hi all,


I've started to install El capitan on a HP elitebook 820 G2 with i5 5300U and HD5500.


The video card is working good, native screen resolution, 1366x768,

set as internal dispay, and recognised as Intel HD Graphics 5500 1536 Mo.

i have 512Mb video dedicated memory setup in bios.


But when I connect a second screen on the displayport, all display turns on black screen.


I used rehabman laptop patches for my dsdt:

:[bat] HP ProBook-4x0s-G1
:[sys] AC Adapter Fix
:[sys] Shutdown Fix v2
:[igpu] Brightness fix (haswell)


I used ssd broadwell generator script.


I patched AppleintelBWGraphicsFramebuffer binary with clover:


02001616 01030303 00002002 00005001 00000060 6C050000 6C050000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000800 02000000 30020000 01050900 00040000 07050000 0204


02001616 01020202 00002002 00005001 00000060 6C050000 6C050000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000800 02000000 30020000 01050900 04000000 04000000 FF04


Without the patch of the AppleintelBWGraphicsFramebuffer dispayport is not effective (nothing appened when i connect a second screen, not recognized).

With it, second screen connection give black screen.

Not sure of what i do by patching this ^^


I also tried dsdt patch to rename gfx0 to igpu, have no effect.


btw, light/brightness control is enabled is monitor preference, shortcut respond, but nothing effective.

i patched the dsdt with the brightness fix for haswell and use the last ACPIbacklight.kext.


Here some stuff used


and a tutoriel of what i've done (in french):



I attach my ioreg to the post.



Any helps and ideas are welcome !



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rehabman updated is config.plist.


The last one is working perfectly.

i now can use display port without issue.

hot plug/unplug is working.


thanks to rehabman !




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