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  1. cc pourrais tu si tu as migrer sur mojave me donner ton efi complet pour le hp 840 g2 

  2. hi, haven't tested sierra or high sierra on my laptop. you should read my previous guide to get inspired about kext, and read about sierra specs. which version of clever ? i think you have bad version for fakesmc.kext, and you must change many patch in dsdt to have it working as expected. cheers
  3. coucou, tu as quelle version de mac osx dessus ? tu sais fournir un log ? tail /var/log/system.log je pense que celui qui est interresant est: /var/log/powermanagement/*.asl le mieux, et d'aller sur le finder, sur le menu du haut: aller / aller à ... entrer "/var/log/powermanagement" sur le fichier .asl (où l'érreur s'est produite), faire "ouvrir avec console" puis de là, tu peux lire et identifier le problème si c'est un .asl.gz, c'est une archive que tu peux décompresser avec l'utilitaire d'archive pour retrouver le fichier non compressé. (clic droit, ouvrir avec ... utilitaire d'archive) aussi, depuis console, tu pourras voir "system.log" dans le menu de droite. sans log, il est impossible de deviner pourquoi ta machine agit ainsi. de plus, sur un hackintosh, une config différente peut avoir des effets de bord impensable. donc, l'utilisation des drivers pour le touch ou le wacom sont des informations à nous donner. peut-être un logiciel tierce qui pourrait modifier ta veille ? vu le temps de réponse, tu devines que je ne suis plus vraiment ce topic vieux de 2 ans ... si tu veux le mettre à jour avec un guide pour high sierra, ça redonnerai un peu de peps ! cheers
  4. duduclx

    Dell 7559 HighSierra Update problem

    hi, i haven't try high sierra update/install for now. did you put apfs.efi in your clover folder (drivers64UEFI or drivers64) here's a link to it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B42y5VE51ELcVERVNVFyRDFPSlk cheers
  5. here it is: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-sUmdgLOBgBUWVYRmZ3UUdiX1k there's an efi folder in it ... you may need to change audio patch if you install 10.11.2 or above. here is a partial config file for clover, with some test patches to have DP + vga working through the port station. not sure it will work, just an exemple to find a way to have all video ports working with the dock station. -- > https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-sUmdgLOBgBVThOM0dzVEhkdDg (normaly, vga work out of the box with and without port station) Remember, i don't have this computer anymore ... and don't support this tread anymore. Because this laptop is outdated. i just can say that it was working great with my dell e6410 and this guide. if something's wrong, restart the guide, and debug yourself (also, google is your friend). i took time to write a "from scratch" guide, allowing people to understand and change things to support an updated osx. i don't like to give a folder "ready to use" ... copy/paste a folder is not a guide and don't provide knowledge. hope you'll have a working mac on your laptop, but can't do more about that. cheers ! EDIT: about wireless, here a ref i used on many computer: https://www.amazon.com/AzureWave-Broadcom-BCM94352HMB-BCM94352-867Mbps/dp/B00JY6X9HM the last i used, with ngff m2 port is: Broadcom-BCM94352Z-M-2-NGFF no driver needed ! about sleep, hervé know it good ... for this laptop, i doesn't disable/enable it for the system (no patch or tips). i've just set to never sleep in the preference panel. here is a tips from hervé about sleep issue with an other computer (dell e6230): http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/311218-guide-dell-latitude-e6230-1010x-100-eng/?p=2231717 looks like adding a patch on the dsdt do the work as well ! cheers again !
  6. I gave step to create the dsdt and config. You can use a dsdt from an i7 machine without issue. Maybe i have an archive with it somewhere. I'll look at it later (i'm on my phone right now). Cheers !
  7. On that laptop we can't use the integrated gpu. We Can only use the nvidia gpu. Try to use my config + dsdt. I'm sure it will work as it ! Cheers !
  8. @rew729: Voodoohda is not the prefered solution to have audio working ... btw, if it works as you intend, i'll wait the next install to have a proper patch/driver. You should mention your installed version (aka 10.11.x), because audio patch need modifications between 10.11.4 and above. I have replace the E6410 with a E6230. the E6410 is disassembled and wait to a recycle project (or maybe i'll offer or destroy it). so i don't do support for update. you can have topics on dell's laptop on other form with other bootloader. cheers !
  9. Well hoping you'll learn to bot depend from others. Even some tricks are not updated and so advice and guide are quickly obsolete. About performance, the video and cpu are well suported so that's a normal performance regarding the hardware. You cab have a look in my geekbench http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench3/4507879 And http://browser.primatelabs.com/user/60920 The default of that laptop is the gpu who get warm easily. Also the battery because of the power cpu (70w when newest intel use 16w and integrate gpu). Well, you gave me a new idea. Recycle the laptop and change the mainboard for a raspberry. May be a cool challenge. Cheers
  10. With my setup and guide, battery and battery management and shutdown are working perfectly. About sleep, Hervé did the trick. One thing upsetting me is to debug what person did and help him to do what i have write. So i prefer skip the "support" part and move to a tool / dev project. I'm happy to see people enjoying hackintosh using one of my guide, or people getting way over (like @midi on the ativ pro). But i can't spend my time. I prefer install kexts by myself Than using app, to install it where i want and give people some skills. I still think than hackintosh need to learn and use OS X (and unix system) from a certain time. I've started my first hackintosh on an Asus with os x 10.5.1. About 9 years i use only hackintosh laptop and servers. Hope people will understand what was in my mind and will continu it without me. Learn, test, do, compare and more is up to you ! Cheers
  11. Hi, This laptop is old, and i've just put off ssd, wlan card and ram, to put it on a newer/better laptop. So i'll not update this tread anymore. I made this tread with some details, and not just a "click and run" package. The reason is to allow peoples to use my actual work as a start for further installation, tricks and optimization. Hervé and a well know other site are "specialist" of dell's laptop. Everyone feel free to create an other topic/guide to install Sierra on this laptop. And i also think than after 10 pages of comments, having a new topic is usefull. I'm reducing my laptop park and i've cleaned up many of boxes with old computers and "stuff". I'm also waiting for an update of ps2 driver who is compatible with Sierra before updating any of my computers. So, i'll surely/maybe re-create guide for following laptops (El Capitan link above): - Dell 6320 - HP 8x0 G2 - Ativ Smart Pro (who was used as a base for following threads: direct update and install guide) - Ga-x58-UDR3 (no guide yet on insanely mac, and also an old desktop computer but with a really good benchmark and used as server) updating and creating guide ask for time, and i havent enought time to spend on it for now. I got many projet (i've started) to finish before looking for another hackintosh project. And i also want to have a different approch, and will certainly use a github for scripting, hosting, sharing and have real contributors. maybe something like hp probook installer and rehabman repo's and old scripts i've done around sony's SDK. Have a good hack ! cheers !
  12. Permission granted ! I will not update my original guide till you make a new guide for 10.12 sierra. Then, i'll update my guide, just by adding a link to it, and thanks you for help and work you have done. cheers !
  13. Hi, Thanks to mention my guide (and contributors who helped so much) 1/ did you try to reinstall the tablet driver ? What kind of error you get ? 2/ mic should works but surely need a new audio patch 3/ dsdt related. 4/ voodooPs2: need fix and dsdt patch A debug version exist. Too early to install it. Siri can be a good tips to avoid a missing keyboard when using it as a tablet. So it can be very interesting to update. As i said in comments of my guide, i use the tablet only to draw with the pen. And also, i hate Windows so i'll still under El capitan. By the way, i'll create a new server and a laptop with 10.12, so when i'll know better this new OS, i will update all my computers (ativ, Dell e6410, Dell e6230, hp 820 g2, ga-x58-udr3 motherboard). You can wait to me (lately) or midi for a step by step installation. Cheers !
  14. audio may not working if you have update to 10.11.3 or above. new patches is needed. you surely can find them easily. my dell E6410 will surely be sold. i get a E6230. both are my wife's computer. me, have a HP 820 G2 and an desktop based on gigabyte motherboard. i'll do a interactive coffee table soon, based on a dell optiplex 760 and dual boot android for pc and mac, with IR touch screen. thanks for read and follow this guide. cheers
  15. no eSata to test. but it should. have you tested it ? cheers