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Kernel Panic inserting USB

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Hi, so as in the title I get KP when I  insert any USB. 


Kext in backtrace:


ioKit IOUSBfamily, AppleUSBcomposite.


I am sure this is very common and hopefully easy to fix but my search isn't turning up what i'm looking for.

Would someone help please as this apart from WiFi is my last step for my little laptop.


Any help would be great please.





I have seen no one else post anything about this machine which is a huge surprise since it works perfectly providing the boot loader is on FAT32.


It is a little lifeBook P701 hat I picked up. 

i3 2330m CPU,  8GB RAM so I have a good 512MB for HD3000.

A great cheap choice for anyone new to OS X on a tight budget! 

You can find them for less than £70with no HDD or RAM.


Is there a cheap old (Like i3 sandy bridge) laptop post/blog/directory??


I am in a perfect position to add to something like this since I refurb' laptops.


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Hi, no but I have it fixed now. I removed E/E as sometimes I pinch individual packages from "that which shall not be named" (I quite agree) just because I am lazy.... and a package I used installed a USB kext to E/E which was causing the problem. But thanks for you reply.


As I said before in my last post, I can find nothing but my own posts regarding hacking this laptop. I can't believe that no one has Hackintoshed a LifeBook P701 before as it's a really good little machine.

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