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  1. Hi, well it is in the title but here we go in full. I have two x97 chipset boards with ALC892 codec. On installing 10.10.3 I used Toleda shell script but could not get the audio codec detected whilst having a GT 610 installed. The GT 610 HDMI audio controller was being detected but the on board audio was not detected! I have also tried this card in an H81 chipsets board with an i5 4460 CPU and ALC887 codec. When the card was installed it gave the same issues, 'No Audio Codec Detected'. When I pulled out the GT 610 and reverted back to the IGPU on the i5, the onboard audio codec was detected and audio enabled. Then updated to 10.10.4 and audio still works! Re-installed the GT 610 and had no issues at all. I tried this exact same scenario with a GTX 970 Sc and had the same results as above! For the machines with an IGPU it is not an issue, pull out the card, patch audio, install the card and all is well. Trouble is, the x97 socket 2011 board CPUs don't share a die with a GPU! when running 10.10.3 on the x97 board I just used a patched AppleHDA with HDAEnabler kext and the audio jacks worked just fine. Now updated to 10.10.4 and I can't get sound to work at all. When I had a GTX 660 card there were no such issues. Would someone please help me, I need to have sound on the x79 machines!! Thanks for reading.
  2. Yosemite 10.10.4 FaceTime and iMessage works!!... No fix needed!! I use Clover now, I can't see why anyone would want to use anything else, so I don't know if iMessage and FaceTime are working with Chameleon but definitely after just updating to 10.10.4 it just works 'OOB' Really excited, though I'm not sure why... I'll never use it!
  3. Hi, just would like to know what kext I should copy to Clover/kexts/10.10 folder to get the authors LAN chip working on a z77-ds3h motherboard please. Thanks
  4. Hi, just checking as I have read posts about the i7 4820 K needing a patched kernel, but some posts say nothing about a patch kernel. Could someone please confirm either way? Also plan on using Clover.... Most people are using chameleon, is there any reason why? Cheers.
  5. Hi, not sure where else to put this question...... Anyone know the average weight of a Mac Pro 1,1 - 1,3 ?
  6. Jimmiegin

    Kernel Panic inserting USB

    Hi, no but I have it fixed now. I removed E/E as sometimes I pinch individual packages from "that which shall not be named" (I quite agree) just because I am lazy.... and a package I used installed a USB kext to E/E which was causing the problem. But thanks for you reply. As I said before in my last post, I can find nothing but my own posts regarding hacking this laptop. I can't believe that no one has Hackintoshed a LifeBook P701 before as it's a really good little machine.
  7. Hi, so as in the title I get KP when I insert any USB. Kext in backtrace: ioKit IOUSBfamily, AppleUSBcomposite. I am sure this is very common and hopefully easy to fix but my search isn't turning up what i'm looking for. Would someone help please as this apart from WiFi is my last step for my little laptop. Any help would be great please. -------------------------------------------------------------------- I have seen no one else post anything about this machine which is a huge surprise since it works perfectly providing the boot loader is on FAT32. It is a little lifeBook P701 hat I picked up. i3 2330m CPU, 8GB RAM so I have a good 512MB for HD3000. A great cheap choice for anyone new to OS X on a tight budget! You can find them for less than £70with no HDD or RAM. Is there a cheap old (Like i3 sandy bridge) laptop post/blog/directory?? I am in a perfect position to add to something like this since I refurb' laptops.
  8. Jimmiegin

    I have 3 graphics cards. Which is best? Advice please

    Ok so to update, I now have all three of these cards and every one of them works out of the box.... I guess thats to be expected! So sorry Fort Gordon, but your completely wrong on all counts!.... Not sure exactly what it is your developing.... Bad breath maybe?
  9. Hi. I want to build a new machine with an i7-5960X in it. I imagine that it would be no more complex than running on a i7-4790K or a 4770K but before I go shelling out stupid amounts of cash on something like this has anyone here got any advise they can offer?
  10. Think Allan said it all really but here is my 2 pence. I was running Logic Pro X on an old Optiplex with 8GB RAM DDR2 with a Q6600 Core 2 QUAD and the GT610 and that was quite enough..... Up to a point!. If you have discrete graphics (GT610) then I would say you could throw in just about any socket 1155 CPU your budget will allow. Don't think you will need to be worrying about DSDTs or anything like that. You will most likely need a kext or patching for audio depending on your install method but it will all be included in the steps of the install method of your choice. My advice is to use Clover method following the guide form the rampage.dev site I think is in my sig down below? Its super simple when you follow the guide and works perfectly! IMO Clover wins hands down compared to Chameleon but they both work. As for what iteration of OS X to install? Yosemite! Hope your project goes well!
  11. Hello, and thank you for reading. So the question is pretty much in the title but here is some detail. I have just replaced the GT610 2GB cards in both my builds. One with an ASUS GTX 660 TI and in the other machine now has a Zotac GTX 660 TI AMP! Extreme. One of my builds has a Gigabyte Z87-HD3 and supports 2 graphics cards. So now there are two (albeit low end) cards and i7 IGPUs just going to waist! I would like to know if there is some way to re-purpose this waisted processing power? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  12. Jimmiegin

    I have 3 graphics cards. Which is best? Advice please

    Thanks for the advice! The Zotac arrived today so I am going to try that one, I guess it will work just fine since its the same.
  13. Jimmiegin

    I have 3 graphics cards. Which is best? Advice please

    WORKS OUT OF THE BOX!!!!!! NOOOOO PROBLEM GTX 660 OC was the first to arrive, just put it in and booted up fine with GE=NO. I will wait for the next 2 to arrive and hope they are OOB too
  14. Jimmiegin

    I have 3 graphics cards. Which is best? Advice please

    WOW, no way. Any ideas what should be equal or better and OOB or the least effort for a good price?
  15. Hello. Ok so here are the three cards: Palit Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual Zotac GeForce GTX 660 Ti AMP! Edition 2GB (ZT-60804-10P) ASUS GeForce GTX 660 OC 2GB GDDR5 So my question is, which of these will be best for compatibility and performance... If there is such a win win situation? And will I need to be using some sort of clover VBIOS or boot flags to get them to work? They have not all arrived yet or I would just throw them in and see but it would be greatly appreciated if some of you guys could clue me up on what to expect before I try testing them. Thanks for reading