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Checking if My Laptops good for Mac


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hey guys


Basically I got a laptop from my brother for free because he went out and bought a new one, but I don't really use the laptop for gaming, I have a desktop for that with AMD etc

So I want to install mac on it, since for work purposes mac is actually a very good operating system and I like the features and desktop OS



Acer V3-571G
Intel i7 3610QM Processor

8GB of Corsair RAM

GeForce GT640M Processor


So yeah, just wondering if anyone has had success with the MAC OS on a system similar to mine, and if its worth the effort


I was also wondering if someone can point me to a good tutorial to get OS X Yosemite onto a USB using windows 8.1 on my AMD and then transferring and installing it to my laptop


P.S I just realised there is a laptop section to post for help with laptops haha, so my apologies for posting in the wrong section

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that's fine man, I don't really mind using the Intel HD graphics, im pretty sure my processor the i7 has intel HD, and u can switch between them in the bios, I can choose "switchable or integrated"


If I have to use HD Graphics im fine with that. im looking at the Mac OS more for work and business rather than gaming and leisure

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