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  1. Checking if My Laptops good for Mac

    that's fine man, I don't really mind using the Intel HD graphics, im pretty sure my processor the i7 has intel HD, and u can switch between them in the bios, I can choose "switchable or integrated" If I have to use HD Graphics im fine with that. im looking at the Mac OS more for work and business rather than gaming and leisure
  2. hey guys Basically I got a laptop from my brother for free because he went out and bought a new one, but I don't really use the laptop for gaming, I have a desktop for that with AMD etc So I want to install mac on it, since for work purposes mac is actually a very good operating system and I like the features and desktop OS Laptop Acer V3-571G Intel i7 3610QM Processor 8GB of Corsair RAM GeForce GT640M Processor So yeah, just wondering if anyone has had success with the MAC OS on a system similar to mine, and if its worth the effort I was also wondering if someone can point me to a good tutorial to get OS X Yosemite onto a USB using windows 8.1 on my AMD and then transferring and installing it to my laptop P.S I just realised there is a laptop section to post for help with laptops haha, so my apologies for posting in the wrong section
  3. i wish somebody would guide me through xD
  4. hey guys Ive been wanting to use Mac for a long time, and most of my hardware is supported, heres my pc specs AMD Phenom II 955 Black edition ( very well supported processor ) 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz ram ASUS M4A87TD/USB3 Mainboard 1TB Hard disk HIS Radeon HD 7770 1Ghz edition no UEFI/general asus bios they havnt updated since 2011 o.o Anyway, the biggest issue ive had with mac is my GPU, theres no support for it in 10.8.2, and most images that have inbuilt AMD Support Like Niresh's images are 10.8 or 10.8.2 based, so ive had alot of trouble getting going on my physical pc, in virtualbox its fine with most of my hardware I found a VMWare pre-done image thats based on 10.8.3 with AMD support - 10.8.3 was the first update to introduce drivers for the 7770 What id like to do, is take that image, and turn it into a physical installer that i can install on a hard disk, but im not sure how, id need a bootloader, i have no idea how to get the AMD settings and kernel and all that stuff Im not asking to be spoonfed, ive done my share with linux and do it yourself, but for some reason these process's really confuse me, i could really use a lamens guide on getting this process going
  5. i made it to the installer, partitions with the mac filesystem - non encrypted, installed the operating system. here are my launch commands amd BusRatio=17 GraphicsEnabler=No USBBusFix=Yes -x -v -f After the installation finish's, it fails due to an error to do with the boot drive. and advises me to use startup disk utility, i try that, select the hard disk, and it says there is an error with the hard disk and cache and that it cant boot the operating system
  6. well yea, i have 2 1TB WD Hard disks, one used for linux, one for windows. but i have no idea how to get a virtualbox to read other hard disks on my pc whilst in windows
  7. what exactly do you mean by an empty HDD, like create another virtual hard disk ontop of the 20GB one its already on?, like what i want to do is get all this to a USB so i can restart my pc, press F8, and install Mac OS X sorry im confused XD
  8. hey guys, im using Niresh's AMD Enabled 10.8.2, ive been having troubles, the main thing holding me back seem's to be my graphic's card, which is within the 7000 series, all my other hardware is listed in the compability list and tested builds I can get it working in virtualbox, not my actual machine, i was wondering, if i install it within virtualbox. would i somehow be able to then update to 10.8.3 inside vbox, and then turn that 10.8.3 vbox version onto a usb and install that on my machine. since support for my gfx card came with 10.8.3
  9. ive actually bypassed the error, the boot flags im using are amd GraphicsEnabler=No USBBusFix=Yes cpus=1 UseKernelCache=No -v -x Now it gets stuck at some sort of cant find a bootcache file
  10. I managed to fix the AHCI problem in windows 8 and now im booting fine with AHCI, i understand my graphic's card isnt 100% but id like to try. Now im stuck at the error "still waiting for root device" If i can just get into an installation, install it, update to 10.8.3, id have a chance at getting this going. would booting in -x help? any advice would be appreciate on things i can try here i know i may seem a little desperate, something about mac intrigue's me, after using it on vmware ( which was a working 10.8.3 predone AMD enabled vmware image, i really wish i could turn that to an installation ) I was grabbed, i had to try and install it, the interface, the core, the programs. it just has me by the claws haha
  11. do i have to use AHCI, is there a way around it if im using 2 seperate hard drives?
  12. haha nevermind, i noticed my original post was moved to an AMD Help topic.
  13. hey guys, im trying to get an AMD Mac machine up My System AMD Phenon 2 955 2x1TB WD Black Hard Disks 8GB 2x4 G.Skill DDR3 1333Mhz ram ATi 7770 HD 1Ghz gfx ASUS M4A87TD/USB3 Motherboard Setup - what i want to achieve WD 1 - Windows 8 WD 2 - Mac OS X 10.8.3 - using niresh 10.8.2 and updating once installed Bios IDE Mode - i dont want to use AHCI, it messes with windows 8 and i need windows 8 S3 LegacyUSB enabled Ok this same process went absolutely fine in virtualbox, installed and running without issue But when heading to my computer, and booting into the Niresh AMD enabled iso. i get a boot menu, i add amd, GraphicsEnabler=No, DropSSDT=Yes -v It boots fine and then gets to IOAPIC ver 0x21 Vectors 64:87 and it just hangs there for a very long time and doesnt continue to boot from there
  14. hammering F8 unfortantly doesnt seem to work, i can redo the virtual machine and start over, reinstall the tools, but is there a way to set it to boot with -v before i do that first reboot? since i cant seem to get option key or F8 working
  15. hey guys Recently i found a premade vmware image of OS X 10.8.3 with AMD support and it works absolutely amazing, i have no issue's running it, but whenever i share a folder, the folder doesnt show up. and then from the vmware os x, i try to install vmware tools from a vmwaretools iso that i found online and it installs fine, then reboots after a reboot, the startup starts as usual, goes on forever, then gets a bunch of text and reboots so im not sure how to share folders or how to copy files to my mac vmware machine