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Installing Yosemite on HP 1000 Notebook PC, Debugger called <Panic>

Alee Usman

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I'm using Chameleon to install Yosemite but I can never make to the installation menu it always gives some errors like Panic cpu0blahblah
I'm using Chameleon Bootloader
I'm using HP 1000 Notebook PC, Core i3 2370M, 4GB RAM, and GPU is Intel HD Graphics 3000

I've used many boot flags

I've used many bootflags
cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=No
cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=Yes
And got following results

:wallbash:  :wallbash:  :wallbash:  :wallbash:  :wallbash:  :wallbash:




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It wasn't the error I guess, I'm in verbose mode, and it made a progress. Now it's stopped saying <Warning> The JoinExistingSession key is only available to Application Services

Laptop is not hanged


I asked for the help in chat room too but some guy kicked me out saying that I'm spamming the chat room and that I haven't read the guides. I asked that I'm for guide here as well then he said that I'll be banned.

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Thanks :) I'll let you know the results. I've been doing this Chameleon to Clover and Clover to Chameleon. Now I am going to make two USB Installers, one with Chameleon and other for Clover.

Can you suggest me the best guide for chameleon?

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