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Safari Updates - WebKit fix!


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This update for Safari is valid for OS X 10.8 - 10.10


This security update is small, weighing in around 61MB, and is not needed reboot!



See here the explanation about what this update does:




  • WebKit

    Impact: Visiting a maliciously crafted website may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution

    Description: Multiple memory corruption issues existed in WebKit. These issues were addressed through improved memory handling.


    CVE-2015-1068 : Apple

    CVE-2015-1069 : Apple

    CVE-2015-1070 : Apple

    CVE-2015-1071 : Apple


    CVE-2015-1073 : Apple

    CVE-2015-1074 : Apple

    CVE-2015-1075 : Google Chrome Security team


    CVE-2015-1077 : Apple

    CVE-2015-1078 : Apple

    CVE-2015-1079 : Apple

    CVE-2015-1080 : Apple

    CVE-2015-1081 : Apple

    CVE-2015-1082 : Apple

    CVE-2015-1083 : Apple

  • WebKit

    Impact: Inconsistent user interface may prevent users from discerning a phishing attack

    Description: A user interface inconsistency existed in Safari that allowed an attacker to misrepresent the URL. This issue was addressed through improved user interface consistency checks.


    CVE-2015-1084 : Apple




Source: Apple

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