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  1. azlvda

    Clover General discussion

    since 4239 folder Other case-sentitive wont boot with lowercase o letter
  2. azlvda


    thanks for mod high sierra clean install with nvme/efi/hw14/apfs finally vmware supports 3200x1800 res
  3. azlvda

    Clover General discussion

    yes, my skylake laptop.. i get blackscreen after clover menu with SetIntelMaxBacklight=True
  4. azlvda

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

  5. azlvda

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    @Sherlocks no MBA71.88Z.0171.B00.1708072210 FFM FF?
  6. azlvda

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    hi, try to drop BGRT table <key>DropTables</key> <array> <dict> <key>Signature</key> <string>BGRT</string> </dict> </array>
  7. azlvda

    Clover General discussion

  8. azlvda

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    using latest lilu & applealc with -lilubeta & -alcbeta arg applehda load but still no output device found any idea?
  9. azlvda

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    thanks drop BGRT table finally be able to boot and install HS
  10. azlvda

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    i get 'mach reboot' error while booting high sierra pls help
  11. fn + insert is a dell special key for sleep/hibernation without ssdprgen i have no problem
  12. using ssdprgen or ssdt plugintype1 ..when sleep using fn+ insert ..i get reboot on wake on my xps 13 9350 i7 6560u do you have same issue? no problem with sleep from apple menu
  13. im just using 4 from 15 pike's patches and still getting recognized (samsung PM951) find <0fb68c88 82000000 83f90c0f 85320100> repl <0fb68c88 82000000 83f9090f 85320100> find <00c783a4 00000000 10000048 8b480848> repl <00c783a4 00000000 02000048 8b480848> find <89c181e1 ff0f0000 4801d148 81f9ff0f 0000773b> repl <89c181e1 ff010000 4801d148 81f9ff01 0000773b> find <4981c5ff 0f000049 c1ed0c49 8b042448> Real <4981c5ff 0f000049 c1ed0949 8b042448>
  14. azlvda

    From desktop to laptop

    i would choose dell xps 13 with i7 6560u surface pro 4 doesnt have thunderbolt 3 port
  15. i had same issue actually the installer was damage if using createinstallmedia method do not move your install macos sierra.app from applications folder sorry for my bad english