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Can't get Ultrawide resolution

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This evening I switched my pair of 1920x1080 monitors for a single LG Ultrawide 2560x1080. However I can't get this resolution selected in either the Clover GUI or OS X System Preferences (I'm running 10.9.5). System Preferences recognises the monitor as "LG Ultrawide" and in my boot.log there is a reference to "found detail timing 2560x1080" but I can't get higher than 1920x1080. Am I right in thinking that the EDID is being recognised correctly, but the VBIOS isn't providing the resolution?


I've attached a boot log and my current config.plist. Help greatly appreciated!


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Thanks Allan. I tried it but just got black screen once it reached the login stage. What did you change, exactly?

I've had a look at my cables and seen all my DVI cables are single link, so I'm sure that's not helping. I can get 2560x1080 over HDMI in windows, but I'm guessing that's not going to happen in OS X.


I'll get hold of a Displayport cable and see if that changes anything.

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HDMI was my first go-to option, but I can't get over 1920x1080 with it. I have read of people with Macs unable to get beyond this down HDMI, but having success with DisplayPort. I've got a cable on order (along with a Dual Link DVI cable) so will see what that brings up when they arrive in the next day or so.

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Just for Posterity's sake: Using a DisplayPort cable and Duckweed framebuffer has allowed me to get the full 2560x1080 resolution. Now I just have to get that resolution for the Clover GUI...

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I tied inserting both 2560x1080 and 1920x1080 in the screen resolution (using Clover Configurator). Judging by my boot.log the resolutions are being spotted, but not utilised? Should I be injecting another EDID?



0:144  0:000  LoadDrivers() start

0:150  0:005  Loading FSInject-64.efi  status=Success
0:154  0:004  Loading OsxFatBinaryDrv-64.efi  status=Success
0:158  0:003  Loading VBoxHfs-64.efi  status=Success
0:163  0:005   - driver needs connecting
0:163  0:000  Loading OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi  status=Success
0:168  0:004  Loading CsmVideoDxe-64.efi  status=Success
0:176  0:008   - driver needs connecting
0:176  0:000  2 drivers needs connecting ...
0:176  0:000  PlatformDriverOverrideProtocol not found. Installing ... Success
0:176  0:000  Video driver loaded: disconnect Success
0:250  0:074  Searching for invalid DiskIo BY_DRIVER connects: not found, all ok
0:263  0:012  CsmVideoDriverBindingStart
0:263  0:000  mixed support=40010
0:263  0:000  Controller is [030000]
0:263  0:000  Check for VBE
0:295  0:031   found Detail Timing 2560x1080
0:295  0:000   found Detail Timing 1920x1080
0:309  0:014    0 1152x864 attr=BB - ok, edid+, working, highest, pref=0
0:311  0:001    1 1280x960 attr=BB - ok, edid-
0:311  0:000    2 640x480 attr=BB - ok, edid+, 640x480, working
0:312  0:000    3 800x600 attr=BB - ok, edid+, 800x600, working
0:312  0:000    4 1024x768 attr=BB - ok, edid+, 1024x768, working
0:313  0:000    5 1280x1024 attr=BB - ok, edid+, working, highest, pref=5
0:314  0:001    6 1400x1050 attr=BB - ok, edid-
0:321  0:006  CsmVideo: New mode: 5 1280x1024 - set
0:466  0:145   - SetMode pref 5 (5) = Success
0:466  0:000  CsmVideoCheckForVbe - Success
0:466  0:000  CsmVideoDriverBindingStart end Success
0:466  0:000  CsmVideo: New mode: 3 800x600 - blocking that switch
0:466  0:000  CsmVideo: New mode: 3 800x600 - blocking that switch
0:467  0:000  CsmVideo: New mode: 1 1280x960 - blocking that switch
0:675  0:208  LoadDrivers() end
0:675  0:000  Dump SMC keys from NVRAM:
0:682  0:006  SetScreenResolution: 1920x1080 - not found!
0:682  0:000  Console modes reported: 4, available modes:
0:682  0:000    Mode 1: 80x25 (current mode)
0:682  0:000    Mode 2: 80x50
0:682  0:000    Mode 3: 100x31
0:682  0:000    Mode 4: 128x30

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Thanks again for all your help, Allan. I was away for a few days but read up on the link you'd sent. In the end it was as simple as setting PatchVBios back to 'true'.


I now have full 2560x1080 resolution in Clover GUI, Mavericks and Windows 7.



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