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Tonymac's really apple in disguise

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"Oh tonymac I DDoS'd your website to see if it was apple's website really and it was fine through the whole thing so your Apple  :frantics:  :frantics:  :frantics::D:lol: .

That makes me want to call you a script kiddie tbh... are you joking when you said you "DDoS'd" his website? Like really? What did you use, your Internet connection to do it?


Sorry, but attacking someone's website for the fun of it is not only pathetic, immature and childish but also idiotic. And I for one definitely don't think InsanelyMac needs the negative drama and comments because one of it's members performed a Distributed Denial of Service attack on another website's server(s).

It was a joke if you didn't catch that.  Or are you saying this is just not funny?  I didn't actully DDoS his website.

Tonymac has a podcast on iTunes :lol: seriselly.


EDIT: I Would NEVER do a DDoS

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