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AMD Radeon HD8240 ... work CI/QE but with 4 MB!


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Hi Guys,

i've one little problem with one new portable pc.

the configuration is :

AMD dual core processor E1 - 2500 (1.4ghz)

AMD RADEON HD 8240 (APU)(shared memory)

6 GB ram ddr3



i've tryed for first the niresh version of maverick,but with all amd kernel not boot (amd,amd64 amdfx and i've tryed also the other version patched)

after i've used the niresh 10.8.5, with flag "amdfx" and it install perfectly.

after the boot,for the fist the risolution is not good,the classic 1024x768.

i've try to insert the id of card in the ati kexts and the risolution change to 1366x768 (now is perfect)but in the system preferences not have a kext assigned,but with 3MB of vram assigned!!(but with CI/QE in the system preferences present and workly)

i've try with aida64 from windows to make a  dsdt, from graphics card and from acpi...but without result.(if u want i share it here if is possible to help me anyone..)


is possible to assign more ram in this condiction,or with charmeleon or other?

or is possible to make a dsdt workly with aida64 for ricognize the video card?








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@dalekdj,  install DSDT Editor and export a dsdt.dsl file then install IoregExplorer and export a ioreg file,

then can upload these two files here --->  http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/297774-amd-dmg-development/page-4


this is the right place for all dsdt's / SSDT's for AMD CPUs, rampagedev has already edited a compilation in a DMG for various boards and AMD CPUs.
The DMG -file will be increased by rampagedev, it also serves to OS X on various AMD Hackintosh install.

if you would like to inform you more, visit the AMD range here on InsanelyMac, where you can ask your questions and get support. but possible to install no distros. ^_^

in this sense...........

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