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  1. After getting sick of my missing USB devices i finally got them showing up and working again with Rehabman's Inject All kext. Touchscreen, bluetooth, webcam... Still no audio though :/
  2. mnfesq, did you have an issue with audio after the Sierra upgrade? Im pretty sure the "lack" of audio device is what's causing me grief right now with playing media in the simulator with Xcode
  3. When I had my 3D I could change my keyboard backlight level by holding the backlight button and pressing either up or down
  4. Got QE/CI back. Omg, Sierra is so smooth and snappy. It was actually a matter of hex patching the IntelFramebuffer kext with Clover and changing the ig-platform-id. AND sleep works! I think this is the first time i've ever had sleep working properly. The webcam thing i think may be related to how Apple moved more towards ACPI, speakers i still have no clue about. rebuilt the cache to no avail. Touchpad isn't 100% either, the page in system preferences is blank
  5. Sierra up and running after a long battle with rebuilding my EFI partition with Linux Lost QE/CI, webcam, speakers and mic. Gonna work on that now I guess
  6. Right, I already did that. I put the updated one in the Other kext folder along with an updated FakeSMC kext I actually got a warranty replacement and have a later 17t envy with Optimus enabled. Running on an i7-5500U. I don't think I was injecting EDID, i'll check on that though Erm... SUCCESS! I made it to the Sierra installer. I kept my boot flags and options (no caches and with kexts), but this time i also injected EDID and changed my ig-platform-id to 0x16168086 (I found humor in the 8086 part - Intel chip history) which i found here. Going to proceed with the upgrade now, wish me luck.
  7. Its a synaptics ps2 with Control Zone™
  8. I actually got further along by changing my bios settings to disable CSM. Now i'm getting a voodoops2 panic. gonna look into that now EDIT: updated voodooPS2 kext to the latest one from RehabMan's bitbucket. Newest hurdle is here (attached)
  9. Ive tried each of the aptio fixes that comes with 3773 and each of them give me the same thing when i try and restart into the Sierra installer. (to add, i downloaded Sierra from the store and started the installer from Yosemite). I've tried booting without caches, with no luck. Pic attached
  10. Okay, off to a rocky start.... (not sure why i thought this would be smooth) Tried to jump from Yosemite to Sierra. Clover 3773, 10.10 kexts copied to 10.12. Started the installer in Yosemite. Rebooted and then bam kp! macOS installer gives me aptiodrvfix error (requested memory exceeds our allocated relocation block). Was I supposed to update more stuff? Trying to boot to the Yosemite installer on my usb gives me this (see pic). I updated clover on the usb to 3773 and also copied my kexts to a 10.12 folder
  11. I just upgraded to 3773 and decided to double check the kexts folders before i went ahead with Sierra. Why am i missing 10.12? Isn't the Clover installer supposed to make all the version folders? The highest i have is 10.11
  12. Okay great. Time Machine can work without [much] issue using Clover?
  13. Hey mnfesq, What utility would you use to make an exact clone of a macOS drive? Specifically one running Mavericks before I jump to Sierra...
  14. Yeah I noticed that when I had my 32XX, music in windows was always louder and sounded better than OSX. Just thought it was a weird quirk
  15. Once you have it up and running make your own SSDT. Last I checked, the Broadwell model numbers weren't added in the master branch of ssdtprgen on Github, you'll have to use the beta version which I what I had to do