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Gigabyte Ga-z87m-d3h + Intel Core i7 4770K or 4790K

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Hello guys!

First of all, I'm gonna tell you, about the computer that I have, and what are my necessities.

Well, I have a late 2008 iMac 24" and a mid 2011 MacBook Air 13", with 4GB of RAM, Intel HD Graphics 3000, and Intel Core i5 1.7GHz. My dad and my mother use the old iMac, while I only use the MacBook Air. The big problem, is that this computer isn't so fast, and there are things, that I just can't do with it.


I'm Brazilian, and here, in Brazil, hardware components are very expensive (often the price will be 80% bigger than in United States, sometimes 150%). Because of that, I choose a hardware that has a great price, and is known as compatible with OS X.

In my necessities, I want a computer that can handle Full HD video editing and rendering, and also some gaming.


Lets take a look at the hardware I choose (I will purchase it in the next week):



I searched around for a long time, to find the "perfect motherboard", and it was the Gigabyte Ga-h87m-d3h. If you ask me why, I can say you, that this board has a very great price, of R$ 428.50, which is approximately 190.00 USD. The more important in reality, is that this motherboard supports 32GB of RAM, has the socket LGA1150 (which supports Intel 4th generation Haswell processors), has a good quality, with solid caps, and even supports 5.1 audio.



The first thing, is that the processor have to be a Intel 4th generation Haswell, because at a first moment, my hackintosh will not use dedicated graphics, and the haswell processors have Intel HD Graphics 4600 (which is very better in comparison to Intel HD Graphics 3000). My really big doubt, is the compatibility of them with OS X.


What would be best, a Intel Core i7 4770K or a 4790K? I read about some incompatibilities of the 4790K, because of the higher speed of 4.0GHz, and I read something about the speed-step of the 4770K, that doesn't work properly on OS X.


RAM Memory:

I have no worries about the the RAM memory, than, I just choose Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1x8Gb 1600MHz.


Price: R$ 280.00, which is approximately 125.00 USD.




For the monitor, I choose one that is Full HD, 23", has a IPS panel, what gives me a 178º view angle and very good colours, and it also has a very thin edge design, what makes the monitor very beautiful, and in the future, allows me to use two of then, with no large black tape between them. It also has 2 x 5 Wrms integrated speaker (in the future will be replaced by a 5.1 home theater).


This monitor, is the Philips 234e5qhab.


Price: R$ 700.00, which is approximately 310.00 USD.




The chosen is the one in the below link. Nothing special about that. I just choose one that has lateral HD bays, USB 3.0 port on the front panel, and that is big enough.




Price: R$ 180.00, which is approximately 80.00 USD.



PSU (Power Source Unit):

For this component, I have no ideia for what to buy. I'm thinking in something like 400W, and after I buy my Graphics Card, a 700W.


Price: R$ 190.00, which is approximately 85.00 USD.



Keyboard and mouse:

At the very first moment, I'm going to use cheap pc mouse (10 USD) and keyboard (15 USD), but after, I'm thinking on a Razer Blackwidow Keyboard (Mac Edition), and a good Razer mouse.


For the software, I want OS X Yosemite (OS X 10.10), but I also want to be sure that this hardware will work with OS X 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, with no big changes in the hardware.



That's it!


I'll be very grateful for any advices!


I'm sorry for a possible bad english. :)


Soon, I'll put more details on this topic!

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Hi Jhonathaned,
I'm looking to start a hackintosh build, this is my first attempt at this, so I am a complete n00b at this.

You shopping list is very similar to mine, the Gigabyte Z87M-D3H board is what I'm looking to purchase.

I am wondering if you ever started this build and what the results are? If so, what CPU did you purchase?

I'm going to be building mine in a Mac Pro 2008 or 2012 enclosure.


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