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After upgrade 10.8.5 agpm unknown Platform - kernel panic

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Hello , 


Today i upgrade to 10.8.5 and now i have problems. Upgrade performed from Mac Store after DW 10.8.5 System request to reboot after i reboot machine bring one screen with upgrade time ... at the last minute machine just hand with kernel panic which was very very ODD. That upgrade was not planned or so it's totally wrong i did it by mistake (don't ask).


Now I face  the error below:


AGPM unknown Platform




I boot with new Chameleon 2.2 but still hitting that issue. I tried couple of -v  -x graphicsEnabler=Yes/No , PCIRoot but nothing still cannot boot. 


MB: GA-X58-UD4P 

VGA: Gigabyte nVidia GTX 285


Thank you

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what is giving the kp is applepolicycontrol.kext




delete it


then boot again 




good hack

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Hello ,


Thanks I have single user mode so i MOVE it from S/L/E to my /Users/USER/Desktop and after reboot with -f i just got black screen and that's it .GOod news are there is no KP any more.


Any idea how to repair ? Because when upgrade was performed last minute i got kernel panic and i assume the system is damaged. 


I think to make Install USB to boot OSX and to try to apply the upgrade again I have spare disk on which i can install OSX and try bring my old system back. Its very very old and i have so much custom things there i do not want to lose it. 

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Hello ,


I was able to boot with latest chameleon version 2.2 р2266 +  boot options   "PCIRootUID=1"


1. Sound was not wroking but i fix it

2. Bluetooth is not working but soon i will find a solution I see a lot of people are reverting IOBluetoothFamily kext to older version from 10.8.3 for example.

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