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Moving from Chameleon to Clover

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I followed the vanilla install a while back and have everything working (it's been running for about 6 months)


(also followed a few tips here because it's nearly the same build I have) http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/292030-success-vanilla-ml-1085-on-ga-z87x-ud4h-4770k-haswell/


I have a very recent Haswell system with UEFI and I want to switch to Clover because I've seen some good guides on adding Windows 8.x dual-boot. I also saw one guide that said it may be possible to do a "normal" upgrade to Mavericks without a clean install (though I do have backups if that doesn't work).


I've tried starting with this guide to a make a Clover USB



But since I don't have an existing Clover install, I haven't been able to build a USB that can boot into my existing install OR into a Mac installer. With the USB I made (it has no DSDT and just the 2 kexts I'm actually using, as well as the same dart=0 boot flag I use in Chameleon), I am unable to boot into my existing Chameleon install on the HDD. It freezes during "loading drivers". Also, when I select the "install" option to boot into my installer on the USB, it doesn't do anything.


Is there a guide to first move to Clover from a working Chameleon build? I'm nervous about just installing Clover if I can't get it working over USB first. Should I just keep trying various options to make a Clover USB until I find something that works? Also, are there other logs I can collect during boot to figure out why the Clover USB doesn't work?

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Since u have chameleon working u can install clover on hdd UEFI mode and then u have both working Clover UEFI will not touch your chameleon soo no need for test USB.

Choose install for UEFI motherboards and choose some theme and aptiofix driver and u are good to go.

Next most important thing its to disable DSDT fixes in config.plist of clover.

U can use CloverConfigurator to make configuring config.plist easy way.

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Thanks! I actually did something wrong the first time because the USB seems to work now. I just have a few questions.


For one thing, I'm using NVIDIA retail drivers with this guide:



It uses a FileNVRAM.dylib module. Is nvda_drv=1 sufficient for Clover?

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If I want to remove Chameleon and only have the UEFI Clover how do I got about that?  I don't think the Clover installer has any option to wipe any existing boot loaders?  Do I need to run a terminal command to wipe Chameleon boot?






After further thought and googling the only way to really do this right I am guessing is repartition or formatting which will loose all my data on the partition OSX is installed on.  I guess I could remove the /boot file but Boot0 and 1h will remain until I partition/format?

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Why do you want to remove Chameleon?

I haven't had an issue with both. You just need to set your boot options to default to UEFI on the disk and you won't know the difference.

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