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    Vanilla Mojave Clover install stopped working recently

    I think you are on the right track. I was also unable to boot into recovery, so I think something got messed up with that APFS volume. I ended up just creating a new APFS volume and reinstalling there then copying everything from the old install during the OOBE setup. Seems to be working now. Though I am able to access the old volume fine from the new install so I'm not sure what happened...
  2. I rebuilt a hackintosh this summer and a couple months ago it stopped working. Now when I boot it goes through some of the Clover verbose output, but then gets stuck. Some of the text is scrolling too quickly to read (and my phone can't focus to take a clear video). Near the end it starts saying: > ru.usrsse3.SMCLightSensor did not stop (return code 0x5) > ru.usrsse3.SMCLightSensor can't unload - module stop returned 0xdc008017 I'm not sure if that is an actual problem, or just the kexts are getting unloaded because something else is failing. I did try to disable SMCLightSensor when booting but it still fails to boot into OSX. After that it keeps printing "ATHR: unknown locale: 21", which it just always prints (and always has), likely just an issue with the Wi-Fi card I'm using. Eventually (a few minutes later), I see some of the following messages: >handle_encryption_rolling:5632: er: request granted[0]. >apfs_load_inode:4337: *** reset ino 1552716 size back to 23872 (from 24148) >er_state_obj_get_for_recovery:4214: No ER state object for volume Recovery - rolling is not happening, nothing to recover. >apfs_vfsop_mount:1536: mounted volume: Recovery >disk2s3: device is not readable >apfs_stop_bg_work:782: Volume Recovery is unmounting, stop any bg work Some of these lines are repeated and the SMCLightSensor line happens again a few times. As far as I know, nothing changed from when it was working until it stopped. It is able to boot fine into Windows. I was also able to boot into the Mojave installer from the USB drive I used, so worst case I may try reinstalling again. But if I can recover it (and understand what went wrong) that would be preferred (so it doesn't happen again). Is there something else I should try? It was running Mojave 10.14.5 Clover v4961 boot options: -v dart=0 kext-dev-mode=1 keepsyms=1 nvda_drv=1 SIP: 0x3 Flags: 0x28 SMBIOS iMac13,2 Kexts: SMCProcessor.kext 1.0.7 SMCLightSensor.kext 1 SMCBatteryManager.kext 1 Lilu.kext 1.3.8 USBPorts.kext 1.0 FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext 1.3.15 FakePCIID.kext 1.3.15 WhateverGreen.kext 1.3.2 VirtualSMC.kext 1.0.7 SMCSuperIO.kext 1.0.7 IntelMausiEthernet.kext 2.5.0d0 AppleALC.kext 1.3.8 Hardware: i7-4770S Z87MX-D3H Recently (when reinstalling) switched to AMD graphics Pulse Radeon RX580 8GB
  3. Whoops, thought I replied to this topic. I dug a bit into the install.log and thought maybe the failures there were the root issue. So I tried the following: 1) Found this tool http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/432-insanelyrepairpermission/and repaired permissions on my OS X volume 2) Found the latest version of FakeSMC et. al. (ACPISensors, CPUSensors, GPUSensors, LPCSensors), backedup the versions I had in the recovery console and replaced them with these. (and ran the repair tool again) After that, I booted with my original Clover configuration and got to the Install screen and was back up and running in minutes. Hope this helps if anyone else comes across this thread. Remember, always repair permissions before an update!
  4. I at least figured out how to use the recovery partition to access all my log files. Maybe this will help. The logs do point to some crashes in ctkd and mds. Logs: https://gist.github.com/mattsnowboard/c4385546824dffec6424f54e36a3b4ae Crash dumps: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AlwPubBsIM0dnu5EuGAsjA4ljp0cHg Any tips on how to analyze the .crash files or the kernel panic? Or can someone take a look?
  5. So it scrolls really fast then it gets into this part where it keeps turning the screen black then flashing some text briefly. I did take a video if someone can see something useful before it goes blank: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AlwPubBsIM0dloZZWKLVKikBIlIUoQ
  6. Maybe Clover installer was smart enough to resolve that. I tried again to install Clover on USB and only selected the OsxAptioFix2Drv and I'm hitting the same problem.
  7. I did a normal update from 10.11.3 to 10.11.5, which seems to work fine normally. I'm using Clover UEFI with OsxAptioFixDrv, OsxAptioFix2Drv, PartitionDxe. The problem is, I'm getting a bunch of log messages on boot that start with "Sandbox" and say "deny". Eventually the screen goes black and flashes some text briefly every 10 seconds or so. I tried installing the latest Clover onto a USB driver (maybe the newer version would help?) with the same kext's and settings but I got the same results. Has anyone seen this before? Any tricks that might unblock me? Maybe some new driver or kext I need?
  8. Thanks, that seems to have solved it for me!
  9. I just updated from 10.10.x to the latest El Capitan 10.11 on my Clover hackintosh. The update went pretty smoothly. Everything is working well, but now when I reboot, I get stuck on some error messages about the Bluetooth IO controller. However, if I boot Clover "without caches and inject kexts", then it works fine. I've used kext utility to install all the kexts that are in my Clover kext directory, but that didn't make a difference. Also, I can't boot just with the option "without caches" I need to boot with both options. My config.plist is attached for reference. I have the following kexts in Clover EFI: AppleIntelE1000e.kext FakeSMC.kext HDAEnabler1.kext realtekALC.kext Any ideas what could be going on? config.plist.txt
  10. Update: I've done: sudo pmset -a standby 0 So far that seems to have worked. Mac stayed asleep all night (well it still has the well-known 2 hour wake up for RTC) and woke up this morning. I'm waiting until this evening to confirm it's fixed but I think Standby was the problem. @diddl14, can you try that and see if it fixes it for you as well? Here is my pmset output if anyone else has a similar issue: $ pmset -g Active Profiles: AC Power -1* Currently in use: standby 0 Sleep On Power Button 1 womp 1 autorestart 0 hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage darkwakes 0 networkoversleep 0 disksleep 10 sleep 10 autopoweroffdelay 14400 hibernatemode 0 autopoweroff 1 ttyskeepawake 1 displaysleep 10 standbydelay 4200
  11. Another update: So with the pmset to turn off hibernation and deleting the sleepimage, I still see hibernation in the console and Clover shows it as hibernated after I clear the CMOS to reboot. I can post the console if that is helpful, but here is a summary: 1) Normal sleep 2) 2 hours later, wake reason RTC alarm/maintenance 3) 1 minute later, wake reason XHC (probably the USB mouse or something?) 4) Hibernation around this time I am now trying NeverHibernate in Clover and I'm disabling standby with pmset just to be safe. Will report back, any other help is appreciated.
  12. So I've had a problem in the past where my hackintosh does this: It is sleeping (for a long time) and I go to wake it up, the fans/LEDs come on but there is no display or anything. Force shutdown with the power button and boot again results in the same situation. I've found the only solution was to reset CMOS settings so the PC will boot directly to the BIOS configuration and I can set it up again. This only happened once in the past (I thought it was an issue with the GPU failing and reseatting the GPU + reseting CMOS fixed it), but now with Yosemite it's happened twice (which is every time it's been sleeping for more than 2 hours so far). I found that Yosemite had entered hibernation and that seems to be the culprit. So first I tried to disable hibernation: sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0 Sleep seemed to work fine, but after about 2 hours it woke up and that seemed to put it back into hibernation (it's back in a state where I can't boot). So I have 2 problems I want to solve: 1) Root issue: How do I actually disable hibernation in Yosemite? I need to reset CMOS to get back into OSX and confirm the settings (and verify that it was actually hibernation causing this), but I thought it should be off. I have no need for the feature and the normal sleep/wake works perfectly (as it has for previous OS versions). Update: I verified that it did hibernate, verified that hibernatemode is 0, tried deleting the sleepimage, but after a couple hours it still did a new hibernate and is in this state again. 2) Workaround: How can I boot from a hibernated disk without opening the case and resetting CMOS? This is pretty annoying, but since I don't even get to the POST screen, I have no way to do anything when it just boots to a blank screen. When I do get the CMOS reset and go to BIOS, Clover shows Mac as hibernated and I can select the option to boot and clear the hibernation state, but I have no way to get to that point right now because the hibernation resume bypasses it completely. I'd like a solution to this so I can debug the root issue more easily without opening the case. This is a Vanilla install of 10.8 with app store updates to 10.9 and 10.10 which went off mostly without a hitch. Using Clover UEFI, minimal kexts, and no DSDT. Build is in my signature.
  13. mattsnowboard

    Moving from Chameleon to Clover

    Why do you want to remove Chameleon? I haven't had an issue with both. You just need to set your boot options to default to UEFI on the disk and you won't know the difference.
  14. mattsnowboard

    TP-Link TL-WDN4800 - 5GHz issue/investigation

    Ah, this thread again... I still wish I knew how to get the NIC to use all of USA 5GHz channels, and not just the subset it reports as supported. Since I have dual booting working now though, I guess I could double check that the hardware actually supports the higher channels in Windows just to confirm it's an odd Mac driver bug. My best guess is the card shows up as something that Mac identifies as a Chinese or other country NIC and loads some driver with less channels supported than it should. If that's correct, there's likely a way to make the card appear as something else and work fine. Who knows...I'll probably just live with parking my router on a channel that works though.
  15. The one from the install disk (looking at both the BluetoothMultitouch and Multitouch, can't remember the exact naming). Interestingly, I had a different slightly different version of the Multitouch kext (one driver in the package was larger. But they both seem to work the same. I don't think the kext is the issue, but the preference pane (.prefpane). That preference pane shows a demo video thing for each option. And that video works for a few seconds, then looks like it's getting decoded incorrectly (turns green pixelated/blocky), then the preference pane crashes. Reopening causes it to keep crashing. Either the prefpane has a bad video. Or there is some bad codec being used. Not sure how to track down the issue...