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  1. xpamamadeus

    NEWS FLASH: Apple switching away from Intel

    Can this run ozmosis or Clover? Looks as this mbo bios uses uboot..
  2. xpamamadeus


    Hi. Nice one for z97. I did same for in time of z77 but forgot what we get with this,i even rebrand memory modules. U can do it with Thaiphoon Burner.
  3. xpamamadeus


    Its not a kext. Its fixed universal driver for firewire device. Some of motherboards like asrock have proper fireware but gigabyte and maybe some others not.
  4. xpamamadeus


    Fix for firewire is here 4 years old but working. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/288829-guide-gigabyte-z77x-ud5h-clover-uefi-installtweak-guide/?p=1919030
  5. xpamamadeus


    Hi. First page 6.)Making needed kexts for ozmosis. We will use script called Kext2Ffs by FredWsta and STLVNUB Copy your kexts to kext folder,run script and u get .ffs for integrating into firmware. U can integrate uncompressed and compressed. If u wanna compress using MMTOOL u will save about 10% of space. Soo if u really need space then compress using mmtool other way just use already compressed by script. Using MMTOOL u will get better compression ratio not only for kext but for all. about 10% seems to be a lie for apfs. APFS_MMTOOL_Compress.zip
  6. xpamamadeus


    Firmware features are not same.Try to change to same that clover use.
  7. xpamamadeus


    Thx! I am very busy at work,and dont have much time for myself and IM community. Now i dont have my macmini anymore soo i come back to see how u guys going with oz and going to make some hack again with ozmosis.
  8. xpamamadeus


    Hi. This bios can gain much more free space by compressing coredxe.
  9. This its the right way to fix firewire problem. Works after sleep too. Delete those two via from bios. And add file from asrock biosasrockfirewire.zip or use this efi driver from clover. AsrockFirewireDriver.zip Old link now its updated with working one.
  10. Dont have copy of my mods anymore becouse there are better techniques/tools for making mods these days than when i begin to mod. Ozmosis thread its really a good one for read but u must read all..
  11. Hi. I have been out of scene becouse dont have hackintosh anymore. But i can suggest that u read how to fix GUID error in first or second page of thread. For ozmosis read whole ozmosis thread and i am sure u will have alot of fun creating your own bios for this board. posts that i post for this board are really old now and there are many better way for making ozmosis bios better than ones i post in this thread.. Good luck.
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  13. xpamamadeus


    U cannot change. Wait for next release.
  14. xpamamadeus

    Clover General discussion

    In case u have uefi mobo and GOP enabled GTX 660 bios u need to disable CSM in bios and u will get 2560x1440 resolution without any config.plist tweaks. If u need more help search forum or PM.
  15. xpamamadeus


    u cannot use clover EmuVariable with ozmosis If nvram not working then go back to some of older bios version and find one that work.