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Mavericks 10.9.2 on ESXi 5.5 with AMD CPU FX-8320


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Hi, I originally posted this in the Virtualization forum, then I was suggested to post in this forum. If I broke any rule in terms of posting, please by all means let me know.


My motherboard is GA-FX990-UD5 Rev1.0, my CPU is the FX-8320.


I managed to install Mavericks 10.9.1 and upgraded to 10.9.2, used the latest BSA_Kernel from download area, installed vmware tools, had to replace the sandbox.kext and system.kext with the original 10.9.1 version due to the opemu ud2 error, installed the SVGA II, installed the ps2 kext to get mouse and keyboard input working in the vmware console.


I currently have two issues:


1) I have to assign all 8 cores to the VM otherwise I have kernel panic, where in fact from what I observe, only one core is really being used, is it due to the modified kernel I am using?

2) I get nothing displayed in Safari, no error message in Safari, just blank, like nothing happened; my network connection is good, DNS is working, no firewall, so very strange. I looked at the console, the exact error message is:


com.apple.WebKit.WebContentcom.apple.WebKit.WebContent: Couldn't enable sandbox style file quarantine: -2

com.apple.launchd: (com.apple.WebKit.WebContent.99871EEB-2502-4E68-B914-92B0173C54DB[301]) Exited with code: 77


When I open up App Store, nothing get displayed either.



Any input is appreciated.


On the same machine, I also have a 10.7.2 Lion, with corresponding AMD kernel, I only have to assign 4 cores and I can see all four cores are working. No Safari issue; but of course I didn't have to replace thesandbox.kext or system.kext either.



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I have the same board as yours only with another processor, I have no problems with OSX. Furthermore, the many user are have run OSX with CPU FX8350 without problems, I'm assuming that you have some made ​​a mistake.
To find out what mistakes you made. I advise to you, create a new USB install-stick with Myhack and install Mavericks 10.9 on another partition, then make lead all updates completely....


Good Luck

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