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Import Settings & Apps from old OS


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Hello, I'd like to 'clone' my current OS on a different PC.


I would do a usual Installation and then just C&P the old Users and Settings, that should work, doesn't it?


As far as I'm aware of, the following folders should be Copied:

  • Applications/*
  • Users/*
  • Library/*

That's all, or do I miss something? Of course, the astericks means all subfiles and subfolders from the root-directory.



Greetzs Max

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This works out great when installing new OSX86:

1: make a clone of old OSX setup

2: install chameleon or other bootloader on the cloned disk to make it work again (now you have a backup system, check if you can boot)

3: install lets say Mavericks and at the end of the installation you can choose time machine OR a disk (in this case the cloned disk)


the OSX installation will copy all of your files, apps, settings from your cloned disk. Takes very long but very smooth solution. I didnt even had to reinstall or reconfigure my old apps.


Just make sure u delete your sensitive data and log out of iCloud on your cloned disk :)

clone app: superDuper

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if you want to do a clean install, but don't want to spend 48 hours restoring your photos and music from backup afterward, you can now do it like so:


  1. Boot the installer.
  2. Open Disk Utility from the installer's menu and mount your drive.
  3. Open Terminal from the installer and rm -rf everything except /Users.
  4. Install. /Users will remain.
  5. chown to taste.
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