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  1. Clover Boot Error

    Is this something I can do from the recovery partition? That one boots fine.
  2. Clover Boot Error

    removing the boot argument did not fix anything. Using aptiofix2 didn't help either. I believe this is because the first version is embedded in my bios
  3. Clover Boot Error

    Yes I do use the web drivers. Should I remove the boot argument? I already have aptiofix in the custom bios. I'm assuming this is a newer version? What would I do in this case?
  4. Clover Boot Error

    My installation was working just fine. However now when I try to boot I get this message Any suggestions for how to fix this?
  5. Selling my Hackintosh.

    Make me an offer
  6. Selling my Hackintosh.

    $1500 (OBO)
  7. My SSD died so I haven't been able to do any tests. But are you guys having issues and are not using the GenericUSBXHCI.kext?
  8. Selling my Hackintosh.

    Yes This is the case it's in. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811352024&cm_re=Fractal_design_r4_case-_-11-352-024-_-Product It has 2 256gb ssd 2 1tb hdd 1 blu Ray burner Wifi/Bluetooth that supports handoff/continuity/airdrop
  9. Selling my Hackintosh.

    Anyone interested in my build?
  10. Handsoff & AirDrop

    I ordered the card from osxwifi. Even if it is a little pricier I'd rather have someone else source the parts, test the parts, give me instructions, etc. Mine should be arriving next week
  11. GenericUSBXHCI.kext was one of the kexts I had to change after updating to Yosemite. In fact I removed the kext entirely to solve my problem.
  12. Now on a side note guys: Tomorrow I'm getting a displayport(DP)-HDMI cable that supports DHCP. I will be using this to test if DRM videos will work via the display port.
  13. Could it be something in my dsdt? Because without it I can't use the usb 3 ports. hackmodfords dsdt.zip Edit: Now I'm confused. I removed the kext and usb 3 still works. I know it didn't work in the past without the kext :/
  14. I figured it out. It was the GenericUSBXHCI.kext that was causing the issue. I used a different version to solve it.
  15. SSDT sleep/wake – stuck in reboot loop

    My issue was related to the GenericUSBXHCI.kext I used a different version to solve it.