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10.9.2 Audio Lost after Sleep

Long Cat

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A strange issue started occurring with my hack shortly after the 10.9.2 update.


Currently, I'm using a patched DSDT and AppleHDA (thanks to toleda's guides) to enable onboard and HDMI audio with my GA-x79-UP4 system. And they work just fine. I don't believe there's any problem there.


However, shortly after resume from sleep, audio is lost across the entire system about 2 out of every 3 times. Onboard, HDMI and USB are all gone. Using the terminal to kextunload and then kextload AppleHDA restores audio... but that's going to get old pretty fast.


I think I'm experiencing the same issue that's been affecting some real macs with mavericks. The symptoms, cause and 'cure' are the same by the sounds of it.




Rolling back to earlier versions of AppleHDA don't seem to do the trick, nor does using other ways to enable HDA i.e. kext instead of DSDT. So I'm almost certain the problem isn't related to anything hackintosh.


So what I'm trying to work out is: what about the 10.9.2 update triggered the bug? It was fine on 10.9.1.


Anyone else out there experiencing this or have any input?



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Okay, may have just fixed that one myself.


Rolling all the way back to patched 10.8.5 AppleHDA seems to fix the issue. Even though later versions were previously working with 10.9-10.9.1. Weird.


Guess we'll just use this for now and see what happens in future...

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To fix the issue of audio loss on real macs apple has rewritten some parts of apple hda which are responsible for adio stream handling after power state changes.


There's now a procedure called runPowerManagementTimerForEngine 

and there are two supplemental procedures related with it - StopEngineAtPositionInput and StopEngineAtPositionOutput. the later two were just a single short procedure, which is now split into two enormous routines ... 





this worked for me using 10.9.2 AppleHDA

This should work only for codecs using EAPD - mobile codecs mostly, generation the *pop* will allows the codec to work only for some short time interval (about 35 second), then it will die again. 

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As a temporary fix, I don't see the problem with using the older kext - unless there's some pre-existing issue on your setup meaning you can't. Even some people with affected real macs have had to do this.


Functionally everything works as far as I can tell, and I can't find any evidence i.e. log messages relating to problems with sound using AppleHDA 2.4.7 from 10.8.5 on Mavs.


I'm just gonna let Apple deal with this one. Until then, the old kext works fine.

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