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Acer V5-171 DSDT Help


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Hi, I have an Acer V5-171 laptop that has an Acer Mimic type2 motherboard.

It has an Intel rev09 Ivybridge chipset and the South bridge is HM77 rev04.

The attached dsdt is one I generated and then someone who I can't remember patched it for sleep although I still need sleep enabler for it to work.

I cannot boot without NullCPU.

I would like to have native power management.

Could anyone patch my DSDT for me?



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My knowledger about DSDT edit is low, but i can help you to get power management via bootloader.

You have Ivy Bridger CPU, but please, put more about your hardware(in signature too)

Do you use Chameleon or Clover? How did you install OSX(method)?

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u dsdt is already edited


u must do all the necessary step to make it work... u are one thinking dsdt is GOD.. and solve all u problems ? if so is not that way it works...


patch dsdt is only for optmized the interaction between mac os x and a bios pc




good hack

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Thank you,

reading that link led me to finding out I had to patch my appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext

I can now boot without NullCPU and sleep is working fine without SleepEnabler.

I did generate an ssdt a while back and have set drop ssdt and not to generate P or C states.

How can I check if speedstep is now working?

Thanks again.


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Thanks again,

using this I think speed stepping must be working, I'm getting.


Current state 8

P states 8,10,12,15,17,18


I'm a bit confused as to what speed my processor can actually run to.

It is an i3@1.8GHZ

In about my mac it is listed as i3 1.7GHZ

DP manager gives amongst other things.


CPU Brand string ..........@1.80GHZ

CPU TSC Frequency = 1795 MHZ

CPU Frequency = 1696 MHZ





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