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  1. Crabhunter

    New to uefi/gpt setup

    Well, I'm in for a bit of a learning curve. Ever since High Sierra I've struggled but succeeded, in installing osx to my legacy bios/mbr setup. The reason I've had to do that is because the setting to get around secure boot was greyed out in my bios and I've not been able to find a hacked bios for it. Today I've found out all I needed to do was set a supervisor password for bios and now all options are unlocked!. Now I can try installing to a UEFI/GPT setup. How hard can that be? I'm also considering moving over to an SSD hard drive. Fun times ahead. Any tips?
  2. Crabhunter

    Freezing when trying to add attachments.

    That is exactly what I meant, but....... this morning it's working fine?????????? One of life's little mysteries.
  3. Crabhunter

    Freezing when trying to add attachments.

    I've found posts going back several years on different osx versions. I just haven't found a post saying how they've fixed it.
  4. I've got a really odd problem with my 10.15.1 Catalina install. Every time I try to attach something from the finder window in any program it just freezes. I've googled, and plenty of people have had the problem, even on real macs, but I've not found an answer to it. I have one install on my main drive and my test install on an external and both have the same problem. Any ideas?
  5. Crabhunter

    Catalina MBR HFS Firmware Check Patch

    I'm having a problem attaching things to either a facebook post or an email. As soon as I select the file the system hangs. I've tried it with Chrome and Safari Is this because of using HFS? When I install using this method I'm not offered the choice of formatting to APFS, how can I do that if I want to give APFS a try?
  6. Crabhunter

    [Resolved]BCM57785 Catalina

    Has anyone got a Broadcom BCM57785 ethernet card working on Catalina? Up until now I have been using an old IONetworking.kext which had a modified AppleBCM5701Ethernet.kext in its plugin folder. Things got a little more complicated when Mojave came along. Support was dropped for my atheros wifi. Although putting the old Atheros kext in L/E got it working, that would kill my Ethernet. The answer was to use old versions of both IO80211 and IONetworking, then both worked happily. I have tried the same in Catalina but with no success. I can get wifi by putting the Atheros plugin in L/E but cannot get Ethernet. I'm not entirely convinced they are installing correctly, I have tried in R/W mode and chmod and chown and touched and rebuild caches with no luck. Anyone else using the same Ethernet with Catalina?
  7. Crabhunter

    Installer kexts

    In order to get both my ethernet and wifi working at the same time I have to use an old matched pair of io80211 and ionetworking. I can copy and replace them in sle but after doing the chmod, chown and touching both sle and le its as though they haven't installed. Trying to delete and rebuild the cache results in a boot error saying something about a cache error.
  8. Crabhunter

    Installer kexts

    Thanks. I have of course tried installing the two kexts after installation just like I had to in Mojave. Unfortunately they're not working and when I try to delete and rebuild the caches it will no longer boot. I'll keep trying.
  9. Crabhunter

    Installer kexts

    I'm curious as to where the kexts that get installed to hard drive are located on the usb installer. There is a /S/L/E on the root of the usb and also a /S/L/E within the installer icon. I was looking to replace IO80211Family.kext so that mine gets installed with the system but I can't find it in either of the two /S/L/E I've mentioned. [EDIT] I've just looked in basesystem /S/L/E and it's not there either.
  10. Crabhunter

    [RESOLVED]Installer hanging with no errors.

    Massive thank you, I can now boot to the installer. I'll try installing later today. Thanks again.
  11. Crabhunter

    [RESOLVED]Installer hanging with no errors.

    Thanks, I'll give it a go tomorrow.
  12. As the post says, my installer is hanging but there doesn't seem to be any errors in Verbose. I've attached a pic. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I'm having trouble getting my installer to boot. The only thing different to previous installers I've made is that there is no ACPI folder to put my DSDT in (In patched of course) I have tried putting my ACPI folder in from an old installer but that's not working. Any clues?
  14. As the title says I'm after the file AppleMediaServices.framework for 10.14.6 with the supplementary update. It can be found in System/Library/PrivateFrameworks. Thanks in advance. Mike
  15. Crabhunter

    How can I make an old kext appear newer?

    Here is the background to my hack. When I first put OSX on my laptop/notebook one of the things that didn't work out of the box was my Broadcom ethernet. A quick google turned up a modified plugin that when placed in IoNetworking brought it to life. I made a copy of the whole IoNetworking kext and have used it ever since without problem right up to Mojave although I skipped High Sierra. When I got to Mojave I had a bit of a problem, my WiFi card was no longer supported and to get that to work I had to use a plugin from IO80211Family kext. Unfortunately that stopped my Ethernet working The solution has been to use my old ones together and that works fine. I've tried adding id to the Mojave plugin for my Ethernet but despite trying for weeks and asking for help got nowhere. I can go on just re-installing my old kexts but would like to be able to update without having to. I'll try your suggestions. Mike