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  1. Crabhunter

    High Sierra MBR fix

    That's what I have but just don't know what to do with it. In the past it's just been a case of replacing two files on the installer but I don't know where to start with this new method. Mike
  2. I'm very confused about the MBR method of installing High Sierra 10.13.xx First off, the two partitions the guide talks of, are they on the USB installer or the hard drive I intend installing to. Mike
  3. Crabhunter

    Atheros AR5B93 not working in 10.13.2

    Today I did a fresh install as I've tried so many kexts I thought I'd start again. This time it works fine??????? Only issue left is the very long (5mins+) shutdown and restart times. Mike.
  4. Crabhunter

    Atheros AR5B93 not working in 10.13.2

    Would it be dependent on any USB kexts?
  5. Crabhunter

    Atheros AR5B93 not working in 10.13.2

    Which kexts does it need?
  6. As it says in the header. This has always worked OOTB up to Sierra but isn't working in 10.13.2.
  7. Crabhunter

    partition woes

    Hi everyone, I want to install High Sierra on my Acer V5-171 netbook along with Win 10 and Ubuntu. I'm currently running Sierra, 10, XP, Ubuntu, Solus and Android on it no problem. I'm limited to legacy bios as the UEFI settings are locked to Win8 which means I have to use MBR as Windows won't install on a GPT disc in legacy mode. I've always got round this by using the MBR patches in OSX, however things seem to have changed with High Sierra and although I've read the instructions several times it's just above me. I tried hooking up an external drive so that I could install it in GPT and then restore it across but the installer can't see the external hard drive. I have installed it on a spare drive and it will install and boot ok. Any ideas, or could someone hold my hand through the MBR fix? Mike
  8. My head hurts looking at that lol, but thanks.
  9. Hi, I'm not sure if this is possible. I have one partition containing Solus linux. Unlike my Ubuntu partition, Solus would not allow me to install Grub to the root partition. I installed it without a boot loader and get into it by choosing Ubuntu at the Clover menu and then Solus at the Grub menu. Can I somehow add the Solus partition to Clover? At the moment the Solus partition doesn't show in the Clover menu. Mike.
  10. Crabhunter

    Activating FaceTime

    Has anyone had the nerve to phone apple to resolve this message? Mike
  11. Crabhunter

    Activating FaceTime

    Anyone know another way of activating FaceTime without phoning Apple? Mike
  12. Crabhunter


    I used to use FileNVRAM.dylib in Mavericks/Chameleon to enable iMessage and faceTime. I've now upgraded to El Capitan/Clover. Will FileNVRAM.dylib work in my new setup and if so where does it go? Mike
  13. Crabhunter

    Clover won't boot Windows or Linux

    No I've managed to do it now I'm happily booting El Cap, XP, 10 and Mint all on the same bios/mbr hard drive. Changing legacy to PBR in the config did it. I'm a happy bunny now. Mike
  14. Whilst Clover is happily booting my El Capitan partition it won't boot Windows or Linux although a usb installer with Chameleon will (But not El Cap) Due to restrictions in my bios I have had to go for a legacy/mbr setup which you'd think would be the easiest for a boot loader to work with. Clover does list the Windows and Linux entries but when I select them I end up with a white square and that's it. Is Clover able to boot other partitions in a setup like this? Mike
  15. Crabhunter

    Patching the disk utility on the installer

    Thanks, unfortunately I am running Mavericks and so these utilities won't work