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Brightness Control issues possibly linked to ACPI


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Hello everybody.


I have installed Mavericks on my Asus Zenbook UX302la(listed in my signiture), and have almost everything working great except for the:


Touhchscreen(I don't mind this not working)


Wifi(I have a Mini pcie to usb adapter with usb wlan coming in the mail, so it will work)


Brightness Controls in terms of backlit keyboard (Fn F3/F4) doesnt work, but the screen brightness controls (Fn F5 and F6) are semi working with a DSDT patch found here


Currently I would like to solve the Brightness issue. The problem I am having is when I boot up my computer, the brightness appears to be dimmed and the brightness controls do not work. When I press the sleep button on the login screen and then wake the screen, the screen becomes brighter and the brightness controls work. I have checked the DSDT editor's debug option, but there are no warnings or errors, just optimizations. Then I thought, could there be an error of kexts? I deleted kexts that I thought might be causing the strange issue at the login, such as ACPIBrightness, but returned with nothing. Currently I am using Rehab's AICPM kext, which works with haswell.


Is it possible to create a launchd script as a startup applicarion that will execute a sleep and then a wake command, so that I will be able to control the brightness on the screen. Please help me get the keyboard backlight and screen brightness working. Thanks!

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