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Hallo, I'm new member with a problem with my lenovo G550. I wish install lion on it. 

Could you say me the step of the installation? I've dmg of lion, I' follow this passage only for the first 4th step, then I can not find the folder of the 5th point

thanks for your help =)


1. Format flashdrive FAT32 (MBR) NOT GUID because you will see black screen


2. Prepare flashdrive for boot with this utility XPC Boot Prepare Tool (flashdrive can be is empty)


3. Copy on flashdrive or XPC (i am use [/url] because booting is not longer that with XPC)


4. Download this DMG (in folder i put  my torrentfile) - this is installing DMG. You can copy this on harddrive or flashdrive or usbHDD use the disk utility.


5. Copy kexts for video on /System/Library/Extensions


6. Move folder extensions on the icon of this programm mkextMaker.v1.1.app


7. Then extensions.mkext move to the /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup (all files in this folder may be delete before step 


8) Boot from the prepared flashdrive, and boot from usb HDD or harddrive with LION (boot is frozen on "pci conf. begin"), but you may wait 1-2 minute and you will see 10,7 LION on your iLenovo. If you choose the #####[/url] on menu press key "M" and write boot flag (-v -f arch=i386) on a first boot (you will see log of the booting and boot ignore cache.

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link to Torrents and TMAC
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Hello Robycolo6, welcome to Insanelymac, please read rules before  by posting





For all those who don't yet know our position about tonymac, and your [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] software, your Forun, Tolls, links, thank you for reading  http://www.insanelym...ort-tonymacx86/   

 p.s : pls read the forum rules  !!! 

InsanelyMac doesn't support tonymac's tools.   

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Hello robycolo6,

If you really want to install lion on your laptop, and the dmg is an InstallESD.dmg (although it sounds like a distro, which is fine but you'll have some problems), we might be able to help.

Could you please post the laptop specs here?

P.S. Your post isn't entirely wrong, just a bit confusing (but we won't fully chastise you for that), but word of advice: Before posting on ANY forum, please read the rules, it helps mods and admins out a lot... You'll also get more help here than you will at tony's site as well :)

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thank you!

laptop specs: 

CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core T4200

grafich: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 4500M on chipset GL40

RAM 3 gb ddr3 800mhz

ethernet: Broadcom NetLink GB Ethernet (10/100/1000MB)

wifi: Broadcom 802.11 b/g wireless LAN


If I open dmg, I will find file InstallESD.dmg (14,6 mb) and some directory, so I think that It's the right file =)

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I recommend you look into YouTube, there you find to provide enough examples around the Install USB-stick for OSX, furthermore you can check special drivers of your hardware with systeminfo app via Windows or Linux ,with regard to compatibility to OSX. Try the' installation without installing Tony_Mac tools. It is better with Myhack or via another Mac osx system or a Haokintosh


Good Luck!

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thank you spakk!

I've just seen some video on YouTube, but a lot of them don't say how do it.

Yesterday I installed Mavericks, all was right, but for my graphic card there isn't qe/ci.

So I try to install Lion. Now, looking for Myhack (thanks to You :) ) I find hardware requirement for Lion and I read that intel HD4000 (I've intel 4500M) is not supported.


So, I ask: is my graphic card compatible with Lion? Some people on YouTube posted Lenovo G550 running Lion, without problems but also without instruction =(


As soon as possible I try to install Lion with Myhack and report to you the result  :D

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Thank you fantomas1, sorry for my delay. Yesterday I installed several time iAktos L2, but without audio and video. Now I try to install the others audio driver (with Mavericks and the same driver, audio goes right) but for graphic card I followed the guide that fantomas1 have posted whitout a positive result. On YouTube monitor is black, I can't see any video on it and also I can't change resolution of the laptop monitor. 

What do you think about? =)


Ok for audio driver, I've problems only with GMA 4500M :(


Looking into the forum I have found this guide, posted by mosman. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/221394-intel-gma4500-gl-4x-express-chipset/page-2?hl=%2Bgma+%2B4500m&do=findComment&comment=1636505


I don't know what I could do on the point n. 4 ("Restart Fix=Yes, arch=i386") what is this?

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Hi robycolo6,


RestartFix and arch are bootflags for Chameleon bootloader (that piece of software emulating EFI). RestartFix will patch restart and shutdown capablity while "arch=i386" tells OSX to start in 32-bit-mode. You have to put these boot flags in the "kernel flag"-section of com.apple.boot.plist (or type them at every single boot). You can use TextEdit (or any other text editor) to patch com.apple.boot.plist, but I recommend Chameleon Wizard which will give a better overview of bootflags, fix etc.


Best regards

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thanks! Using chameleon wizard I flag GUI, time out 5, kernel (mach_kernel), 32bit-i386, restartFix, graphic enabler. Now, on system preferences my graphic card is 512 Mb, before It was only 64 Mb. But resolution is bad: for example, I don't read name of  files, menu, directory ecc and I can't see youtube video  :(

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