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developing in a Mac


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Hello. This is my first post and I would appreciate if someone could help me.


First my situation: I have never developed for a mac. I have a mac at home (xcode , eclipse installed) that I use to basically relax. At work I develop on a PC lately using a virtual box running linux.


I have always been interested in starting developing using my Mac at home.


My current problem is: I am working on a very simple application at work using sockets, you know socket, bind, accept and this kind of functions (in C of course)


1)Can I use these socekts concept on a mac? How?


2) I have experience working on ObjectiveC (not on a mac) from many years ago, eventually I would like to do it again, but can I program in C only? Using what? Xcode I suppose


Please forgive me if I am rather ignorant in the mac world. And thanks for your help



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KansaiRobot: Your sockets programming knowledge, gained from linux, should serve you just as well, while developing on a mac.   Beautiful part of Berkely Sockets is that "sockets" is very portable interface/library between all the 'nix.   And yes, I would definitely include OS X in that category of 'nix.   While the XCode and Apple Tools on Mac are very nice and feature rich, like everything worth while, it'll take a couple hours of "playing" with to get your bearings on where everything is, and how somethings are done differently when developing with Xcode.


Now, while I said you can program on OsX using a Berkely Sockets interface, there are other network programming interfaces that work equally well, but you might not be interested in those, if you already have momentum towards the Berkely Sockets (Linux Network programming style).

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to answer question number 2 , i think it's fair to say that you can always make any program in plain C since mac shipped with its own gcc / clang or you can always get homebrew to install several needed libraries of course.

as for the IDE for C you can use xcode , i've heard several guys using qt creator in mac to develop in plain C too, but i think both will be a complete overkill

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