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    USB Port Problem

    @ HBP112358 ...Thank You for this posting. I had tried many things on my Sabertooth X79 Mobo...and nothing worked until your posting. Now, with the kext you posted, I have my USB 2.0 ports back and working again....on Yosemite. (Where I can use USB Mouse and Keyboard again off the back of the Mobo...(ports that are designated for the Mouse/Keyboard)). Strangely enough, though, ...the USB 3 ports still do not work...(but that's not a problem for me). But, I was under the impression, that the purpose of GenericUSBXHCI.kext...was to add the USB 3 support....but apparently doesn't work for the Sabertooth X79 Mobo. Thank you very much!
  2. BitMangler

    developing in a Mac

    KansaiRobot: Your sockets programming knowledge, gained from linux, should serve you just as well, while developing on a mac. Beautiful part of Berkely Sockets is that "sockets" is very portable interface/library between all the 'nix. And yes, I would definitely include OS X in that category of 'nix. While the XCode and Apple Tools on Mac are very nice and feature rich, like everything worth while, it'll take a couple hours of "playing" with to get your bearings on where everything is, and how somethings are done differently when developing with Xcode. Now, while I said you can program on OsX using a Berkely Sockets interface, there are other network programming interfaces that work equally well, but you might not be interested in those, if you already have momentum towards the Berkely Sockets (Linux Network programming style).