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10.6.8 glitches after install.

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so i have this glitch, http://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/200147396-DirectX-8-1-error-when-launching-GTA-games-on-Mac


i only see HD5000 under system profiler, i have an HD5570 1gb (XFX)


also how do i go about fixing the SBIOS error at boot? i see chameleon wizard has some check boxes and empty fields regarding "smbios"


EDIT: FYI, i have 3d accrelertion working but, since it only sees it as an HD5000 i can't play gta,

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if it breaks anything will -v -x work or will need to laod my hdd into antoher mac/hackintosh? can i not try "AtiConfig=Eulemur" at boot or is it not a boot command?


EDIT: also my up and down on my ps2 mouse is inverted, i used the voodoo drivers that came on the iATKOS S3 V2 disc. when i click on "about this mac" it closes finder then the screen goes black then the log on screen pops up.


EDIT: i checked "AtiConfig=Eulemur" in the wizard and it didn't do any thing. I do not think i'm using any sort of graphics enabler, could that be it?

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also in verbose mdoe i noticed "warning: kernel was not built with custom dyld blob".  goog brought this up, http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/243273-1066-legacy-kernel-for-intelamd-3264bit-ready-to-download-by-qoopznawcomanvblackknightmucha/?do=findComment&comment=1623414


but, i have no idea what the heck a dyld blob is. is it just warnign me that it's using the standard appl dyld blob?

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so i tired following this,


i mine has a "D" i copied thel ine, replaced the big "D" with a litte "d" and now even after cahngingthings back it no longer decets my onceworking hd5570 at all


what i ever i did i broke it, i'm gonan do an clean install but, i'll still need help getting the video card fully working.

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